My MAX preso…

Here is an archive file containing my slides and demos from MAX. Hopefully they will be of some use to you!

Turn on the “notes” view in Powerpoint to see some accompanying description for the slides.

I’ve removed most of the assets and SWFs for a variety of size and copyright reasons, so you’ll need to tweak the projects a bit to get them to work.

5 Responses to My MAX preso…

  1. Jim Robson says:

    Thanks for posting this – and for the presentation at MAX. I thought yours was among the best and most useful (along with Ely G.’s).

  2. Thank roger,This is very important for us.[Glad to hear it. –rg]The next at todo list its the MDI desktop ;-)[Not my area! -rg]Again tanks.

  3. Glenn says:

    Raul:[Its Roger –rg]I’m very interested in learning more about the changes in Flex 2.0.1 and whether it will meet our needs.I have a very simple question: if I was packaging up a DataGrid-based Module using your approach, what do I need to do to ensure that all DataGrid-based dependencies are properly resolved? Does the Shell need to anticipate this? Or can a module be compiled such that all of these dependencies (such as resource bundles) are included in it?[Yes, all dependencies should get compiled into the module, including resource bundles and styles. Note that if you have a DataGrid in the shell or in another module, you might want to set up a more sophisticated “externs” configuration to ensure that it only gets downloaded once. But anyway, if it doesn’t work, its a bug! –rg]Thanks,Glenn

  4. Gonzalo says:

    Hi,At first sorry for my english.I work in a middle spanish bank (, Im creating the sofware teller for my bank and i think using flex.This is easy but i need modularized my app (its about 2.000 forms).I have the flex builder mac 2.0.1, but i need windows beta 2.0.1 (at work only use Windows) and i need to access to the Module and ModuleLoader api (early or beta).I searched your mail or Matt Chotin but i dont see….In another way…Its very important the Focus control (and caret control) at large app . I see at your sample but i dont see the Focus at new loaded panel.[My samples aren’t very complex, so I’m not sure if there’s an issue. Focus shouldn’t have any issues with modules. Please definitely file any bugs you find ASAP! –rg]Roguer, this is very very important for me so i need this api (Beta stage isnt important). Heeeeelp!! :)Thanks in advanceP.S.: ok, the api go with beta mac 2.0.1 but documentation its missing.

  5. Glenn says:

    Roger:(Sorry for the mistake earlier).We had found what seems to be a bug: our “shell” did not have a reference to DataGrid, though a Module was a subclass of a DataGrid. When we loaded it dynamically (using the Loader class), we found a null pointer in DataGrid (in drawHeaderBackground) while visualizing the Module.Looking at the code for DataGrid, it appears that the resource bundle ‘collections’ was missing.I had built a simple Module (not based on the 2.0.1 IModule) as a Flex Library Project, extracted the library.swf and loaded that.[right. That won’t work for anything complex, because libraries don’t trigger the required codegen in the compiler for styles, resource bundles, etc. –rg]This process works for simple classes (ones not based on Flex controls).[yep. –rg]Our Adobe Tech Support group suggested that we dynamically load framework SWF). That seems excessive. We were hoping that modules could be compiled with all of their framework dependencies resolved.[they can be. you may need to use “include-libraries” or “includes” to force-include symbols that aren’t otherwise referenced by the dependency graph, but otherwise if you actually extend “Module” (for stuff using the frameworks) you will get the codegen necessary for all the auxilliary stuff that is normally done for applications (but not libraries) –rg]Thanks!Glenn