AIR 2.5.1 now available

Adobe has released AIR 2.5.1, for desktop and mobile operating systems. The version for Windows, Linux, and Mac can be found on Adobe’s Download Center and that for Android, on Android market.

This AIR release provides you with bug fixes, optimization for Gingerbread (latest Android version by Google), addresses compatibility issues, and other minor changes. Also AIR 2.5.1 is backward compatible. So apps which ask for AIR 2.5.1 to run, will work fine on Android 2.2. Developers are requested to update their apps to use 2.5.1, instead of 2.5.

If users upgrade to Gingerbread without upgrading to 2.5.1, the app will not load.

Find more details on Adobe AIR Team’s blog here. Please do leave your comments to let us know how you find it.

2 Responses to AIR 2.5.1 now available

  1. volos_86 says:

    Updated, still working fine, no bugs noticed

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