Adding mobile profiles in Flash Builder Burrito

Adobe Flash Builder “Burrito” allows you to quickly debug your mobile applications on an integrated emulator for desktops. Mobile profiles have been pre-configured for most of the supported devices. In case, if you would like to add a custom device to the profile, perform the following tasks:

  1. Right-click your AIR application.
  2. Select Run As > Run Configurations…
  3. Select your mobile application under the Mobile Application tree node.
  4. In the Main tab, in the Launch method section, Click Configure.
  5. A Preferences (Filtered) window will appear. Click Add and provide the resolution of your mobile device.

Here, we have added the Samsung Galaxy S (I9000) international version to the list. Also, you can directly run the application on your USB-connected mobile devices by selecting the On device: option under the Launch method: section.

5 Responses to Adding mobile profiles in Flash Builder Burrito

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  2. Ryan says:

    Are these profiles running as real emulators ? I get the impression they are just the screen-size. Do they match the hardware features enabled on those particular devices ?

  3. fjenning says:

    Ryan, they are just mobile profile to simulate the screen resolution and DPI. They will only help you to check your stage on different screen sizes.

  4. Paul says:

    Do you support other Mobile system like WIndows Phone?

  5. fjenning says:

    No. No plans for Windows platform.