Building Native Installers for Adobe AIR Using Burrito

There is an excellent post on quickly building native installers for Adobe AIR. Native installers are required if you are building AIR applications, which takes advantage of the extensibility options available from the native process API. The advantage is, you can start distributing your AIR-based desktop applications as native installers.

If you are using Adobe Flash Builder Burrito, you can build native AIR installers quicker than the steps mentioned in other blogs/sites.

  1. Click Project > Export Release Build…
  2. Select ‘Export and sign a native installer’ and click Next.
  3. ProvideĀ  a path to your PKCS12 certificate or create a new certificate from the interface.

That is all to it! Depending on your platform, you’ll see a native installer for your AIR application.

Isn’t this faster?

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