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Flash Player 10.2 Beta

We hope you did not miss the Flash player 10.2 beta release, for Windows, Mac, and Linux, last week. In case you did, get quickly started here.

What’s the big deal?

Flash player reaches almost every device being used in the world. You can deliver or consume high quality videos smoothly, and across all devices like never before.

A new API (Stage Video) allows for playback of high-resolution video across all platforms, with stunningly high performance. Before you think twice, watch this video of a demo at Adobe MAX 2010. For you this means, your video plays smoothly across browsers, platforms, and devices. The user-experience will be great because of low CPU consumption.

Flash player comes with support for full screen playback with multiple monitors. For you this means, across two different displays you can play full-screen video and work, simultaneously.

Support for custom mouse cursors means that developers can get creative and design their own cursors. Needless to mention how it helps in customizations and enhancing the user experience.

Quick Links

So what’s holding you back? Just follow these quick links and get developing!

  • Download it from Adobe labs here.
  • Discuss the release in the forum here.
  • Submit bugs here. If you encounter one, you belong to the rare class of users :—)