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If you have got ideas for RIA-related technologies

… we, at Adobe, are listening!

Ideas Home is a portal run by Adobe Labs. You can suggest ideas around existing Adobe technologies or new technologies. Besides other Adobe technologies you can submit ideas for AIR, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, Flash Professional, and Flex SDK. All you need is a free login on This is another great way to interact with the community including the Adobe team, power-users, and innovators.

You can we well,

  • view submitted ideas.
  • search to see if an idea is already submitted or not.
  • promote (or demote) submitted ideas.
  • engage in a discussion on a particular idea.
  • review only the most popular of the ideas, based on votes by other users.
  • access ideas falling in a particular category, via the tag cloud.

Needless to say any and all ideas are welcome.

So just signup/signin at and play a role in defining the future! Please note that the portal is not for collecting bugs in existing products/technologies.