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Flash platform in the Hall of Fame of Front Line Awards

Front Line Awards is the annual ranking of the best tools enabling game development for professional video game creators. These are given by the Game Developer Magazine. Besides the annual awards, one inductee to the Front Line Awards Hall of Fame is also chosen for its outstanding contribution to the game development industry for five years or more. This year Adobe’s Flash platform is included in the Hall of Fame!

GameSutra article says, “The Front Line Awards Hall of Fame is reserved for those landmark tools that have served developers mightily over multiple iterations and multiple years, including past winners such as Microsoft’s DirectX, Adobe Photoshop, Epic’s Unreal Engine series, and Rad Game Tools’ Bink Video.”

The Hall of Fame description goes further praising the Flash platform thus: “The Flash platform’s speed, graphical prowess, and easy development language make it simple to start building games quickly. Because the Flash Professional IDE is also very extensible, it’s entirely possible to write custom panels, controls, and scripts to automate repetitive tasks during development. Combined with Adobe AIR, Flash can access most points of interest on the desktop, such as the file system.”

Also Photoshop CS5 won the Front Line Award in the Art tool category. Other finalists are mentioned on this page.

To know more about the awards and the criteria for selection visit this page.

Congratulations to the users and the development team at Adobe of Flash platform and Photoshop CS5. And of course Adobe AIR goes hand in hand with the Flash platform.

If you have got ideas for RIA-related technologies

… we, at Adobe, are listening!

Ideas Home is a portal run by Adobe Labs. You can suggest ideas around existing Adobe technologies or new technologies. Besides other Adobe technologies you can submit ideas for AIR, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, Flash Professional, and Flex SDK. All you need is a free login on This is another great way to interact with the community including the Adobe team, power-users, and innovators.

You can we well,

  • view submitted ideas.
  • search to see if an idea is already submitted or not.
  • promote (or demote) submitted ideas.
  • engage in a discussion on a particular idea.
  • review only the most popular of the ideas, based on votes by other users.
  • access ideas falling in a particular category, via the tag cloud.

Needless to say any and all ideas are welcome.

So just signup/signin at and play a role in defining the future! Please note that the portal is not for collecting bugs in existing products/technologies.