Film by Zarina Bhimji – Yellow Patch

I was inspired by this film that i saw at the Whitechapel gallery in London last year. I think it such a lovely way to use the moving picture in a photographic style to tell a wonderful story of a past life. The film can be found here, incidentally, the documentary clearly shows the use of Photoshop Lightroom to work on the images.

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Improve your Camera RAW workflow using Smart Objects in Photoshop

When working with Adobe Camera Raw or Photoshop Lightroom and RAW/DNG files, most people i have spoken to, edit the file using a standard layer within Photoshop,  the standard “Open Image” from Camera RAW or the “Edit in Photoshop” from Lightroom will remove the ability to round trip  back to the RAW/DNG for any further adjustments.  If, however, you open the image as a Smart Object inside Photoshop from either Adobe Camera Raw or Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop will keep the link back to the Original RAW file and provide a round trip workflow, which will allow for further RAW adjustments to be made.

Here’s how :-

– From Camera Raw :  The default way to open the file into Adobe Photoshop once the Camera Raw adjustments have been made is by pressing the “Open Image” button inside Camera Raw, however, if you press the Shift key before you press “Open Image”, the button changes to “Open Object”, pressing the button now will open the file inside Photoshop as a Smart Object. Once inside Photoshop, you are able to re-open the Adobe Camera Raw program by clicking on the image thumbnail inside the original created layer.

– Lightroom : When you have completed the edits in Lightroom, you are able to open the image for further edits by selecting “Develop mode: Photo/Edit/Edit in Adobe Photoshop”, however, if you choose “Develop mode: Photo/Edit/Edit as a Smart Object in Adobe Photoshop”,  the file will open inside Photoshop as a Smart Object. When inside Adobe Photoshop you can round trip back to Adobe Camera Raw (Note not Lightroom) by clicking on the image thumbnail inside the original created layer.

There you have a complete RAW/DNG image round trip workflow for both Adobe Camera RAW and Adobe Lightroom.


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Creative Week, July 13th – Digital Imaging Twitter Chat

In readiness for Creative Week (July 9th to July 13th) and more specifically the Digital Imaging day on July 13, there will be a Twitter Chat to discuss topics around photography and imaging on July 5th at 6:30PM to 7:30PM.

Photographers often consider aperture, exposure and light settings an art form to be cherished over auto-settings and quick fixes, with all the work done in post-production. But in an age when everything is becoming digitalised, should the photography community be ready to embrace image manipulation? Some of the areas we’ll be touching on to stoke the debate are;

  • Do you agree with photographers who are of the opinion that you shouldn’t do anything to your shots in Photoshop that you couldn’t do in a darkroom?
  • When does a photograph stop being a photograph, and become a piece of illustration or artwork?
  • When it comes to retouching, how much is too much?

Join us for our final Twitter Chat by using #CreativeWeekUK and follow @AdobeUK and@ComputerArts.

It’ll also be the last chance for you to get your hands on tickets to next week’s Creative Week. Include #CreativeWeekUK in all your tweets during the live Twitter Chat this Thursday and you’ll be entered into a competition to win one of two tickets

I’ll be posting  from @richardcurtis.



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