Insert 3D object into a 2D scene….Part 2

Hi, Creative Week UK is going great guns and it’s very exciting. As you know we have the Photo and Imaging day on Friday, and want to make it amazing, and really want to get you involved as much as we can!!. As a reminder we are having an audience challenge on Friday as well and we have already created a video showing how to create Type as 3D objects and render it with different effects. To complete the content and get you guys up to speed to enter the challenge, we have created another short video for you. This video explains how to create an object in Photoshop CS6 Extended using Shape & Vector layers, then insert this in to a 2D scene using a mask on the 3D object. As an update the audience challenge has been extended until August 31, so you don’t need to rush, however, it would be great to have some of your creations ready for the Live show on Friday. The video can be found on YouTube on my channel, for more information of where to upload your images, navigate here.

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