Photoshop CS6 – Retina version

If you have a new Retina screen Mac Book Pro (13inch or 15inch), and are a member of the Adobe Creative Cloud or have Photoshop CS6 stand alone then you can take advantage of this update to Photoshop CS6 & Photoshop CS6 Extended, and fully maximise your editing potential with this Retina enabled version of Photoshop CS6.

The differences are incredible, here is Photoshop CS6 before the Retina update

now the Retina enabled version

You are able to see the incredible difference between the two versions, just by looking at the icons. Over 2,500 icons have been completely re-created for this version of Photoshop, it looks beautiful.

If we look at a 100% view of the same image

in the Retina enabled version you can see that more pixels can be displayed at 100% then with the non retina version

You can quickly to zoom to 100% using the key stroke combination CMD+1, there is also a 200% available on the View menu.

If for some reason and possibly for a particular job you need to work in Photoshop CS6 at the original non Retina resolution, you can do. If you right clicking on the Photoshop CS6 application and choosing the “Get Info” option, available in the dialog box is the Low Resolution check box.

If you check this box, and close Photoshop CS6 (if it’s already open) and re-open, Photoshop CS6 will will open in the original low resolution version.


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Adobe Creative Cloud Update for Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CS6 Extended

If you are a member of the Adobe Creative Cloud community, then today is the day of your first major update of Photoshop CS6. There are many goodies within this update of Photoshop, but firstly here is an “how to” of how to download the update.

You can receive the update in a couple of way :-

1. Click on the Adobe Updater icon on your Mac or Windows computer, this looks like a small Adobe logo with a number by it’s side.    . You should see an option to open the Updater, clicking this will show the updater dialog box (seen below).

Photoshop CS6 should have an update of 129mb waiting for you, you may see other applications that have updates as well. Ticking the check boxes by the side of the appropriate application will turn the updates on or off for that application.

2. If you are inside Photoshop CS6 itself and choose the menu option Help / Updates, the Adobe Application Updater (shown above) will open in the same way.

Once you have chosen the applications, you can click update button and the updates will be downloaded to your computer.


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Watch the Adobe Create Now Live Event Recording right here on my blog.

Thanks for joining us today for the Adobe Create Now event. If you would like to re-watch the recording of the stream, or watch it for the first time, then please press play any time.

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