Creative Cloud Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CS6 Extended – Crop Tool Enhancement

Adobe have listened to the user feed back about the Photoshop CS6 crop tool, we have been able to re-imagine the crop tool in this update to Photoshop CS6.

When the crop tool is selected, the crop handles are slightly bigger and the edge line is slightly thinner than the previous version. Also, the crop tool tool bar has been modified and is more user friendly.

The Ratio option now has the Width and Height, and is switchable using the two arrow buttons. Both values can be cleared using the Clear button.

When the WxHxResolution is selected in the combo box, the UI will change to include the resolution box as well as the width and height values.

Notice that the units selector has been included as a combo box on this UI bar.  

Notice that the tool overlays (like the Thirds or the Golden spiral) are more refined and thinner than they were previously.

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