Adobe UK and the Royal Photographic Society – Macro Photography Lecture

Adobe UK and the Royal Photographic Society have teamed up to provide a special lecture on the new features inside Photoshop CS6 for Photographers as well as a lecture on Macro and Art Photography. John Humphrey ( will lead the Macro and Art Photography session, and I will be presenting the Photoshop CS6 update, as well as being on hand for any related questions on anything Adobe/Photographic/Imaging or Creative Cloud related.

This special event will take place on January 30th at the Adobe UK headquarters in Maidenhead and is open for registration for RPS members and non members here. This event will be useful if you are looking to enhance your Photoshop skills and image manipulation craft, or are interested in learning more about Macro or Art photography or are even just thinking about exploring this field of photography.

Macro and Art

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