Lightroom 5 – New feature deep dive.

Lightroom 5  is now fully released, and it’s pretty amazing. I have recorded a deep dive session covering all the new features and why i think they are great, as well as some of the JDI’s that will certainly help the photographer in the task of image processing. You are able to download this exciting release from here.

(HD YouTube version is available here)
Additional JDI’s in Lightroom 5

– Smart Preview Builder is under the Library module / Previews/ Build Smart Previews or in import. You can also control the building of smart previews under the Catalog settings “Build smart previews during import”.

– Smart collections now include : – Smart Preview status, PNG’s and are also all available as filters.
– “Direction” field added to the in the EXIF Metadata panel (GPS), and supports 8 compass directions.
– “Set as target collection” added to create collection dialog box.
– You are now able to verify a DNG file Library / Validate DNG Files.
– Clipping indicators are persistent between Lightroom sessions.
– Blurb’s “Standard” paper is now supported in the Books module.
– Selected pages in the Book module will have a thicker yellow border compared to unselected pages.
– Before/after views now show the current photo and the proofed photo in Soft Proofing mode.


If you are a Creative Cloud subscriber you will already have access to this amazing version directly within your Creative Cloud Desktop Application (see more details on how to get this here).


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