Lightroom 5 – New feature deep dive.

Lightroom 5  is now fully released, and it’s pretty amazing. I have recorded a deep dive session covering all the new features and why i think they are great, as well as some of the JDI’s that will certainly help the photographer in the task of image processing. You are able to download this exciting release from here.

(HD YouTube version is available here)
Additional JDI’s in Lightroom 5

– Smart Preview Builder is under the Library module / Previews/ Build Smart Previews or in import. You can also control the building of smart previews under the Catalog settings “Build smart previews during import”.

– Smart collections now include : – Smart Preview status, PNG’s and are also all available as filters.
– “Direction” field added to the in the EXIF Metadata panel (GPS), and supports 8 compass directions.
– “Set as target collection” added to create collection dialog box.
– You are now able to verify a DNG file Library / Validate DNG Files.
– Clipping indicators are persistent between Lightroom sessions.
– Blurb’s “Standard” paper is now supported in the Books module.
– Selected pages in the Book module will have a thicker yellow border compared to unselected pages.
– Before/after views now show the current photo and the proofed photo in Soft Proofing mode.


If you are a Creative Cloud subscriber you will already have access to this amazing version directly within your Creative Cloud Desktop Application (see more details on how to get this here).


10 Responses to Lightroom 5 – New feature deep dive.

  1. Thank you Richard, you explained the new features very well. As a broker who shoots our own listing, possibly not having to go to PS to fix horizontals and verticals could be a big time saver

  2. Adrian Lee says:

    Hello Richard,
    I asked a question about the Lightroom map module and importing GPS tracks today (Macro & Art Workshop in Maidenhead) and promised to put it on your blog, so here goes…
    The basic question is how does the map module work out the location of a photo when there is no matching point in the GPS track log? Does it interpolate the location between two GPX points, or pick the closest, or …? It’s unlikely the time of a photo will exactly match a GPX point, picking the closest point is probably OK if they are being recorded sufficiently often (and that depends on how fast your location is changing). This is fine for traditional GPS units (eg Garmin) that can be left to record location every few seconds without draining the battery too quickly, but on an iPhone the battery life with frequent GPS fixes is short – my observation is a couple of hours. So it would be useful to know if Lightroom will interpolate between GPX points and so using an iPhone recording location once a minute or so will be sufficient, or whether it needs GPX locations in the GPS log recorded every few seconds which would imply needing a normal GPS unit.
    All this is of course subject to the actual GPS accuracy but that applies to whatever method Lightroom uses to work out the location of a photo.


    • rcurtis says:

      Hi Adrian,

      Just waiting for feedback from engineering.



    • rcurtis says:

      We find the nearest two track points before and after a photo’s capture time and interpolate between them. So if the capture time is half-way between two track point times, it’s location is set to the midpoint between those locations following the shortest, great-circle path between them.

      • Adrian Lee says:

        Hi Richard,
        Thanks for clarifying how this works – good news for using iPhone track logs…

  3. Hon says:

    Thanks for the good explanation Richard.
    Apologies if this is not appropriate for your forum but I have a question on the upgrade path from LR3 to LR5.

    Your recent ‘LR4 & Creative Cloud’ presentation in Wokingham, (which was very good by the way), has prompted us to look at upgrading from LR3 to LR4. However, since LR5 release is imminent, would there be a cost effective way of upgrading to LR5 whilst getting access to LR4 features in the interim?


    • rcurtis says:


      Lightroom 5 beta contains all features of Lightroom 4 (you just won’t be able to upgrade your catalog until it’s fully released).


  4. John Old says:

    If you load multiple tracklogs, will LR5 search all those tracklogs to find the one whose time spans the capture time of a selected photo?