#CreativeFriday – See Adobe Generator in action and how much time it can save.

The Photoshop team released a great new feature called Generator in the November 2013 drop of the application. We know that a lot of people, especially designers use Photoshop for Web designs, as well as other art work that many include images. Traditionally to extract the images. slices would have to be created, as well as a consideration for the resolution of the target device(s). This could be a painful process and very time consuming. The Photoshop Generator, in combination with Adobe ReFlow, re-writes this workflow and has been designed for speed, accuracy and re-use, then combined with the Creative Cloud folder, means that you no longer need to be out of sync.

The video below (created by Iona of the UK Solution Consulting team) demonstrates how this technology can be used and shows the time saving elements as well, based on a real world use case.


If you are not on the Creative Cloud and want to make use of this technology, then you can get Creative Cloud from the following link, or if just Photoshop is what you need, then why not look at the Photography bundle.

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