#CreativeCloud – New Updates and more to Photoshop CC 2014 release

The Creative Cloud 2014 release is finally here, and there are some great new additions and enhancements to Photoshop CC, Lightroom mobile as well as new mobile apps for the iPad and iPhone.

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New and Enhanced feature description

-Blur Gallery motion effects

Path and Spin blur are two great new filters, that will enable you to add additional motion to your images.

Path Blur can add wonderful multiple paths of motion blur to your images, whilst Spin blur adds amazing spinning motion to parts of your picture. Both of these new filters work very nicely on smart objects as part of the non destructive editing workflow.

-Type tools integrated into the Adobe Typekit service.

This new feature is a fantastic addition into Photoshop CC for designers. It will show the list of downloaded desktop Typekit fonts in the fonts list, as well as a feature rich way to search for fonts in search box. This integration of the Photoshop CC fonts and the Typekit service also means, if you are missing fonts within a document, Photoshop CC will automatically go to the online type kit library, and if it can find the missing font, will help you to resolve and download them to your computer(s), making them immediately available without having to close and re-open Photoshop CC .

-Smarter Smart Guides

Smart guides are now turned on by default, and have been enhanced to allow you to see the distances between other objects and edges in context of when you are working with the document and its elements.

-Improved Layer Comps

Layer comps have been improved to isolate position, visibility and effects, as well as providing sync of all comps. Layer comps are also visible in the parent file when you use a linked smart object.

-Focus Area

Focus area is an amazing piece of technology that will help you make a selection based up the depth of field of your photograph. If the object that you would like to isolate is in focus and the rest of the image is out of focus, then this feature will make selecting it so simple. It is also wired into the wonderful refine edge to make your selections extremely accurate.

-Linked Smart Objects enhancements (Convert Embedded to Linked Smart Objects, also,  Package Linked Smart Objects)

You now have a choice of embedding or linking to another file inside your Photoshop CC file. This means you can keep the parent file size nice and small, but also reference the child file in multiple places (i.e. a logo). If the child file subsequently changes, then all you need to do is open the parent files and update them to reflect the changes.

This release brings the ability to package up any linked files into a logical file structure, so that the parent and it’s children can be shared with other creatives without the manual effort (don’t forget that any Typekit fonts, can also be found by Photoshop CC, if the creative cloud person you are collaborating with does not have the font on their system (Desktop type kit fonts are also available in the 30 day trial).

-Enhanced Content-Aware technology

The content aware tools just keep getting better, the Move, Extend, Fill and Patch tool now have a colour option. This enhancement will look to matching the colour as well as the texture and lighting to make your re-touching even easier.

-Expanded 3D printing

We have added another parter to the 3D printing on-line service, you can now submit your prints to the fantastic Sculpteo service. We have also worked with Ultimaker and have their profiles as downloads from the Photoshop.com website.

We have also worked on the 3D print preview and included a render option, as well as showing which parts of the model have have the walls 

– Added ability to export 3D LUTs

This is one of my favourite features in this release of Photoshop CC. I like to shoot video’s on my DSLR camera, and I would like to edit and grade in Premiere Pro or even Photoshop CC. But, I don’t know colour grading tools, like Speedgrade. Now you can just grade in Photoshop CC! By just using any of the Adjustment layers you can create a custom look. Once you are happy with the look of your edit, you can export  a 3D LUT, then use this on a Colour Lookup Adjustment layer in the time line feature in Photoshop CC, or by using a Lumetri adjustment layer inside Premiere Pro or Speed Grade.

-Improved brush strokes and expanded stylus support on Windows 8.

If you are using a Windows 8 tablet then you will notice improvements when using the brush and have more interactive stylus’s.

– Improved performance when using Photoshop CC Up-sample.

The Mercury engine saves the day once again and has this time been used to increase the performance on the Upsample processing for an image.

– Experimental Features

The Photoshop team now have a way to release features to you to have a play with before they are fully released. In this version, we have support for :-

  • Multi-tone printing (Two heads) on the MakerBot replicator 2x
  • HiDPI for Windows devices
  • Touch interaction on Windows touch devices

–  Sync Settings now support syncing Workspaces, keyboard shortcuts, and menu customisations.

– We have simplified the upload and download of presets with sync settings across two computers.

– Simple SVG export from the Generator features (just add .svg extension to Photoshop CC vector layers).

– The generator feature now has the ability to export a subfolder, by specifying the folder name before the file name i.e. myfolder/imageasset.png.

– Allow gradients with a single stop (any saved single stop gradients will not be supported with previous versions of Photoshop.

– Allow transparency dithering in gradients.

– Create new gradient stop sampled from current gradient preview (option-click in gradient preview)

– Added Pin Edges to Liquify for warping in from the image edges

– A selected brush preset will be highlighted as Blue, any changes to the brush preset are now represented in Orange, which will help you to identify which brush is still selected.

– ‘Reset All Tools’ also resets the toolbar slots to their default position

-Very large PNG support (up to Photoshop maximum and 2 GB limit)

Camera Raw 8.5

  • Ability to Modify Graduated and Radial Filter masks with a brush
  • Mask visualization is now available for the Graduated and Radial Filters
  • Added new Per-Panel Preview default toggle

Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom mobile is now available for the iPhone. Lightroom mobile for both the iPad and the iPhone both now have the ability to include star ratings on your pictures.

Photoshop Mix

Photoshop Mix is a brand new application, designed around making a composite around 2 layers. These images can be selected from your camera roll, the camera, Lightroom mobile as well as any files inside your Creative Cloud storage area. The Photoshop Mix app also utilises the new Creative Cloud SDK (currently in Beta) to leverage technology that was previously only available inside Photoshop CC. Photoshop Mix has the ability to use the Upright feature (to make your pictures straight), as well as enabling the Photoshop Camera Shake Reduction and Content Aware Fill.

Creative Cloud App

A brand new app on the iPad to view your creative synced content.

Adobe Voice

This app is great to record audio content direct to your iPad, this app has now been updated to use your Lightroom mobile images.

 New Photo Plan for Photographers

Due to the popularity of the Photography plan promotion, we are making available a continuous plan for the same monthly price as the original promotion. Which means that you don’t need to have a previous copy of Photoshop or any of the applications, and it’s not time limited. In the uk this plan is available for 8.78 and is available to buy here.

Private collaboration on assets  

You can now collaborate with other Creative Cloud users using the Private Folder Sharing feature, more details can be found here.

Over the next few weeks, i will be releasing videos of all of the new features and how they can be used in the real world on real images. 

6 Responses to #CreativeCloud – New Updates and more to Photoshop CC 2014 release

  1. brian says:

    My CC is up to date but I don’t seem to have the new blur gallery that features spin blur?

  2. Arnon says:

    I have the license only CC version 14.2.1. Can I use version 2014?
    I cannot find any updates in Help>updates menu.

    • rcurtis says:

      Hi, Photoshop 2014 is a new installation and available via the Creative Cloud Desktop Application or via the creative.adobe.com website.
      Are you able to open the Desktop app and try to download from there instead.

  3. terry says:

    I have a problem with the free transform feature. In every past version of photoshop, when I select my layer, hit command T, shrink it, move it, before accepting the changes, my image / object will stay the size it currently is transformed to. Now, after I select my image, command T, shrink it, each time I try and move it, it snaps to a full res image until I stop moving it around and then it shrinks to the current size inside my transform bounding box. This happens until I accept the transform values. This is very frustrating at the moment because it is taking me a long time to resize an image into a specific size and place on my canvas.

    Please help.