Upcoming Lightroom Webinar with Adobe and DataColor

DataColor and Adobe will be hosting a free joint webinar on Tuesday 2nd December 2014 at 7pm GMT. The talk will be showing how to use Adobe Lightroom to edit your Photographs. If you would like to join and listen into this session, then all you have to do is register yourself by using this link.

The presenters will be myself and Richard West from Datacolor, and will be suitable if you are an Amateur, Semi Professional or Professional Photographer.

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Talk Details :

In this joint Webinar from Datacolor and Adobe Richard Curtis (Adobe) and Richard West (Datacolor) will look at the Photographic editing process from start to finish when using Adobe Lightroom. We will dissect key points in the workflow and look how they affect each stage of the editing process. From key considerations when importing images, such as capture options to which options make the biggest difference in the development module.
The talk will also look at image output and export options from Lightroom and what to consider at this critical stage.


Richard West (Right above)

Richard’s career has spanned more than 20 years in the photographic, print and design markets. Originally working in a technical support role for what is today one of Kodak’s subsidiaries in the graphic arts market, he went on to spend almost ten years working in Business Development for Apple where he helped in the launch and roll-out of many products including Apple’s photographic offerings.

Further to this Richard ran Nik Software in the UK taking the company’s professional plugin products and Smart Device App, Snapseed, to market culminating in Nik’s purchase by Google.

Now Richard heads up Datacolor in the UK introducing professionals and hobbyists alike to Colour Management.
Richard has trained and presented to many of the largest professional publishing and broadcasting companies worldwide (including Publicis, Bauer, the BBC and Sky). He has a particular passion for promoting and encouraging creative skills in the classrooms of colleges and universities across Europe. During his time at Apple he played an instigatory role in their ‘Young Creative’ initiative, a program devised to help budding digital artists be inspired to enter today’s diverse world of media


Richard Curtis (Left above)

Richard is a Principal Solutions Consultant at Adobe with a focus on Digital Imaging. Richard is the UK contact for Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements and Imaging workflows around the Creative Cloud. He is a keen technologist and a photographer for over 20 years, with a focus on travel and portrait photography.

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