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Adobe MAX2007 Schedule

Here is my personal Adobe MAX2007 session schedule. Bear in mind there are lots of other activities going on in between these sessions and in the evenings, like general sessions and sneak peaks. And even activities Adobe Consulting is hosting, like Chalk Talks and a “Adobe Consulting knows everything about Flex, LiveCycle ES and User Experience Design” BOF. Read all about it on Steven Webster’s blog.

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About Me – An Introduction

It’s finally here, my public blog for Adobe. I started just about 5 months ago working for Adobe in the Netherlands in what looks like a very exciting period in both my career and Adobe’s history (both are not necessarily connected b.t.w.) and sofar I’ve been that busy, I have not yet had the time to properly set up this blog.

I joined Adobe as a technical architect after having worked for the last couple of years for PTC/Arbortext as solution architect, mainly focusing on enterprise publishing solutions. Before that, I worked most of my career at HP, focusing on middleware technologies and business process management. Within that HP period, I even stepped out for a year to work for Macromedia (we’re talking beginning of the century) but enterprise business was not yet high on Macromedia’s radar screen, hence my return to HP in 2001.

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