LiveCycle for Service Orchestration

It’s been a while since I blogged, but now I have an obvious reason to do so 🙂

I will be on MAX 2009 this year (which will be held in Los Angeles from October 4-7) hosting a lab session with the title ‘LiveCycle ES for Service Orchestration‘.

The official description of this session is:In this session you will learn about the LiveCycle ES architecture (the foundation upon which services are built), invocation mechanisms, integration of services (custom components) within LiveCycle ES processes, management of user roles, the SOA GUI, real-world user experiences, form guides, custom apps, and more.But what does this all really means?You will get hands on in buiding a process around document-centric services we offer as part of LiveCycle ES, as well amend that process with out of the box generic services.The lab will also teach you how to incorporate your own plain old Java functionality into a LiveCycle ES service and use that in your process. Last but not least you will get your hands dirty on how to expose all this functionality to end users using LiveCycle ES Workspace as well as other ways to invoke your newly built process.I’m still preparing the lab session, so as long as it is not finished (which must be pretty soon though due to the strict MAX 2009 session preparation guidelines) input is appreciated.I’m looking forward to see you in my lab which will be held on Monday October 5th from 2.30pm to 4pm.

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One Response to LiveCycle for Service Orchestration

  1. Great to see you doing this. I know you are quite the expert and I’m sure this will be a very popular session!