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MAX 2009 lab available

As promised in my previous post, you will find details below to run the MAX 2009 lab titled ‘LiveCycle for Service Orchestration’ on your own environment. Obviously this requires some preparation on your end and we assume your environment is Windows 2003 (the lab has not been tested and/or deployed on any other environment):

  1. Install LiveCycle ES2 JBoss Turnkey on your environment. Visit the Adobe prerelease site in case you don’t have the prerelease version
  2. Install Acrobat 9.x on your environment
  3. Install Eclipse (the ‘Ganymede’ version)
  4. Install MySQL 5.x Tools (note that the MySQL database server itself comes with the LiveCycle ES prerelease)
  5. Install Baretail in case you want to monitor your log files

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Delivered session @ MAX 2009

Just delivered my lab on “LiveCycle for Service Orchestration”. No major hickups though it was a bit much to do in 1.5 hours. Therefor I will make the material available for doing the lab on your own LiveCycle ES 2 environment.

Bear with me and I will provide more details in the upcoming days.

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