10 Reasons To Attend Adobe Learning Summit 09

Our entire Adobe eLearning team is very much looking forward to this year’s Adobe Learning Summit 09 and I wanted to share with you why we are so excited, and my personal 10 reasons why you should consider joining us on November 9th in San Jose, CA.  

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  1. Shantanu Narayen, Adobe’s CEO, will open the conference

This year, we are delighted to have Shantanu welcome attendees to our conference and provide the opening comments and in general, set the tone for the day. Among other things, Shantanu will speak about Adobe’s commitment to the field of eLearning.

  1. Clay Shirky will deliver the Keynote

We are fortunate to have Clay Shirkly, author of Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations, especially because of the impact Social Media and Informal Learning is having on eLearning today.

  1. Learn Best Practices from top eLearning Customers

    We have a “Best Practices” track where the following customers will share eLearning best practices and lessons learned: Xerox, Rexi Media, Franklin Covey, Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement, Thomson Reuters, Constellation Wines, Brookwood

  2. Be the first to see a sneak peek of Adobe Captivate for MAC

I will personally be delivering a sneak peek session at the conference, where I will showcase our development progress of Adobe Captivate for MAC. Furthermore, I will also be showing an eLearning project we are working on, which has to do with offline eLearning and it’s based on Adobe AIR.

  1. Meet the fine people at Adobe who work on your favorite software

Throughout the conference, you will have the opportunity to meet Adobe employees who work specifically on the Adobe eLearning Suite, Captivate, Acrobat and Acrobat Connect Pro. Furthermore, during the closing general session, attendees will have an opportunity to pose their questions to the Adobe experts. This is an opportunity to hear about new technologies and get a better understanding about learning innovation in virtual classrooms, interactive content, simulations and games.

  1. Network with other eLearning Professionals

This is your opportunity to meet and network with other eLearning Professionals who use the same eLearning toolbox that you do, and who are likely thinking about the same things you are, Social Media, Informal Learning, Virtual Classrooms, Rapid eLearning, Twitter, Mobile Learning, etc.  Speaking of Twitter, if you haven’t done so, please consider signing up and be ready to tweet your view of the conference by using the #als09 hashtag.

  1. Adobe Captivate Beginner and Advanced sessions

Regardless of your level of expertise with Adobe Captivate, there are plenty of session to take your knowledge to the next level.

  1. Learn more about the Adobe eLearning Suite

This conference is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the benefits of the Adobe eLearning Suite and how all the tools in the Suite are well-integrated and provide
everything you need to create rich eLearning experiences.

  1. Learn about Connect Pro as a Learning Management System and as a Virtual Classroom Solution

Both Peter Ryce and
Randah McKinnie, from the Adobe Connect Pro team, will be on hand at the conference and will also deliver presentations on why Acrobat Connect Pro Training is a great LMS solution and Tips and Tricks for delivering Virtual classrooms respectively.

  1. Check out what participants have to say about last year’s Adobe Learning Summit

Last year’s conference was a smashing success. Check out what participant’s said about last year’s conference.  Click HERE and the video at the top of the page will begin playing automatically.

  1. Adobe Learning Summit 09 is co-located with DevLearn 09

I know I said 10 reasons, but here’s an extra one. This year’s ALS conference takes place on November 9th and is co-located with DevLearn 09, which begins the very next day, 09/10, so if you are going to DevLearn, please consider also attending the Adobe Learning Summit.

Hope to see you there!


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