eSeminar: Twitter 101 for Technical Communicators

I just read and tweeted How Dell took social media mainstream and there was one thing in particular which stood out to me, namely “On Twitter, word spreads like wildfire, and companies no longer have the option of ignoring the conversation.”  

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Think about it, at this very moment you customers are having conversations about your products and your brand whether you choose to participate or not. I’m happy to say that I, along with many other Adobe colleagues are fully engaged in these conversations with our customers and I highly recommend that you do, too.

I don’t think it would be an overstatement to say that thanks to Social Media, we are experiencing a fundamental shift in the way we discover, share and consume information. This was the topic of my closing presentation at this year’s Technical Communication UK conference.

Today, we are witnessing an explosion of information and it’s estimated that
new technical information is doubling every 18 months with much of this content being user-generated.

I see a tremendous opportunity here, where Technical Communicators can become Technical Information facilitators. After all, as I often say, no one knows your company’s technical information better than you do.

More specifically, from all the Social Networking platforms, I see Twitter as the perfect solution Technical Communicators should embrace.

To get you started, I’m hosting a Twitter 101 session for Technical Communicators, where I will share from personal experience how you can become the go-to person for your customers looking for technical information about your products and services.

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One Response to eSeminar: Twitter 101 for Technical Communicators

  1. Roger Duck says:

    The Dell story was a game changer that demonstrated the value of Twitter for business. I agree that Twitter and social platforms in general offer tremendous potential and can no longer be ignored.