Take a break, watch Avatar Interactive Trailer Powered by Adobe AIR

You probably have seen the trailer on TV for the upcoming Avatar motion picture from
20th Century Fox, but what you haven’t seen are the behind-the-scenes videos,
including interviews with the cast, which are provided exclusively via the Interactive Trailer powered by Adobe AIR. 

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This interactive application pauses at certain key points, to allow the viewer to jump out and watch a behind-the-scenes video, then jumps back to the trailer. The app also features feeds from Twitter, and YouTube.

I find the whole interactive experience amazing and the way Social Media is being used to build momentum for the premiere, simply brilliant! I highly recommend that you take a break and check it out!

To download the AIR application, click the image below to navigate to the download page.

Here are a couple of reviews for the Avatar Interactive Trailer powered by Adobe AIR: