The Next generation of is Here

Today (11/21/09) Adobe has launched a new and much improved version of, our
Online Office Suite, which includes the following online services:

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  • Web Conferencing via ConnectNow — Host online meetings with easy-to-use web conferencing
  • File Sharing and Storage — Rather than sending large e-mail attachments back and forth, simply share your file online with a URL that is always the same
  • Online Adobe PDF Creation— Easily create Adobe® PDF documents from your existing files in Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, and many other applications
  • Adobe Buzzword beta — Write, edit and comment on documents with your team
  • Presentations beta — Work with others to create stunning presentations
  • Tables beta — Collaborate on data and information typically shared in spreadsheets or simple databases

Here are useful resources for all things, in the way of Tweets, which I posted earlier today. Note the links in the tweets below are live:

Additionally, here are previous blog posts I have published on

Finally, here are some early reviews on the new

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