Using Scripting in RoboHelp 8 for Automating Tasks: A Practical Example

One of the most powerful new features in RoboHelp 8, which rarely gets mentioned, is the new Scripting
engine, which Incidentally is the same scripting language also used in Photoshop,
Illustrator, Bridge, Soundbooth and other CS4 products.

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Put simply, the RoboHelp Scripting Language is a Javascript-based scripting language that exposes APIs to invoke most of the basic functionality of RoboHelp in an effort to automate complex or repetitive tasks.

For developing new scripts, all of our Adobe applications with scripting support use Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit CS4, which naturally ships with Adobe RoboHelp 8.

For more information about ExtendScript Toolkit CS4, please click HERE.

Here’s a practical example of a RoboHelp 8 Script

A common question we hear from our Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 customers is how do I recreate warning/tip/note tables created in FrameMaker in RoboHelp 8, where the images used are in the Reference Pages.

The following recording shows how two scripts can be used, based on the following two scenarios:

  1. If you use a two-cell table in FrameMaker.
  2. A slightly modified version if you use side-heads instead, to create warning/tip/note paragraphs.

To apply this to your documentation, please watch the recording in its entirety and at the end of it, you will have the ability to download both scripts and put them to work with your own FrameMaker files.

Click the image below to navigate to the original Tweet, which includes the link to the recording.

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2 Responses to Using Scripting in RoboHelp 8 for Automating Tasks: A Practical Example

  1. You can also find a list of scripts that have been posted on the RoboHelp product forums at the following address:

  2. The scripts that put FrameMaker referenced images into RoboHelp created HTML files work beautifully and are easy to use. I highly recommend them to anyone who uses images with notes, tips, warnings and other similar paragraph styles to catch the reader’s eye! These scripts work beautifully. Thank you Adobe!