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Adobe Software and Avatar

In this video, hosted on Adobe TV featuring Jon Landau, Producer of “Avatar“, he describes how Adobe software was used throughout the production of the film.  

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This is a proud moment for all of us at Adobe, who work passionately on these amazing products and hopefully an inspiration to our customers, who continue to push the limits of what’s possible using our Technologies.

Here’s my favorite quote from Producer Jon Landau:

“One of the great things about what Adobe does with its Suite of products, is they give you everything you need to complete your whole process, from concept to finish”

I hope you enjoy seeing Avatar in the theater and this video, and Thank You for using our Adobe products!


Social Media in Technical Communication: Matthew Ellison interviews RJ Jacquez

In September, I had the opportunity to travel to the UK to attend and speak at the Technical Communication UK conference, where there were great discussions around the impact Social Media is having on Technical Communication.  

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When I returned from the conference, I received an invitation to be interviewed by Matthew Ellison for this quarter’s iSTC Communicator Journal on this very topic.

I have asked permission to post the interview here and I thank
Marian Newell and her entire team for allowing me to do so. I also thank Matthew Ellison for the opportunity to share my thoughts on the importance for Technical Communicators to embrace Social Media.

Below I have embedded the interview in PDF format. To download the PDF, click Menu and select Download or Share. To display the file in Full Screen mode, click the up-pointing arrow, and the Escape key to exit. Both of these options are highlighted here:

Also highlighted here are the previous and next page navigation buttons, located at the bottom of the embedded PDF:

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List of Adobe Captivate Users on Twitter

On the heels of a very successful post, A Growing List of Technical Communicators on Twitter I published and also made into a Twitter list HERE, I’m starting a similar list for connecting Adobe Captivate users who are active on Twitter.  

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In fact, one of the questions I see on Twitter from new users is “Are there any Captivate users out there?” so it’s my hope to also use this list as a resource I can point Tweeps to, who are asking these questions.

If you want to add yourself to this list, please leave a message below, including your Full Name and Full Twitter URL address and I will be happy to add you to it. For those just getting started, I have a running list of Twitter best practices HERE.


RJ Jacquez (that’s me)
Rick Zanotti
Jenise Cook
Ricardo Santos
John Daigle
Rick Stone
Michael Withrow
Lieve Weymeis
Randy DeLay
Nandini Gupta
Joe Deegan

Ole Kristensen
Brian S. Friedlander
Mark Siegrist
Michael Lund
Jana U

Aaron Chase
Richard Snow
Jan Van Belle

Steve Howard

Matthew Bibby
Mark Chrisman
Bobby Rafferty

Shoshana Kleiman
Colum McAndrew
Lesley Hamilton

Lisa Richardson

Tricia Ransom

D.B. Cupuro
Christine Brouillard
Greg Sweet
Brad Meyerhoff
Maureen Rakel

Jamie Lewis
Jason Polete

Josh Cavalier

Nicole Gagliardi
Kevin Stagg
Terri Barnes
Josh Saylor
Jen Ludwiczak

Bryan Sherman
Karen Siegel Fitting
Habeeb Http://

Wanda Simpson
Jay Russo
Wim Hooghwinkel

Doug MacLachlan
jun asis
Matt Brewer
Carl Chapman

Dave Howard
Jeff Goldman
Jason High
Kevin Siegel
Tom Adams

Volker Kunze
Knut Collin

Ken Moir
Bob Cunningham
Matt Sullivan
Tom Aylott
Veronica Herrera
Ed Martino

Brian Hayashi
Chester Stevenson
Wendy Phillips
Karl Goddard
David Knopf
Brent Arnold
Rob Bartlett
Chris Davis
Michael Abrams
Adriana Harper
Pam Coleman

Yamen Al-Haj
Dave Gibson
Tony Hartsfield
Patrick Masters
Theresa Shelton
Lena Nozizwe
Mugdha Vairagade
Brian Giambalvo
Cana Nudi
Karissa Enger
Dave Halvorson
Meredith Maples

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A Growing List of Technical Communicators on Twitter

I was inspired to publish this post by a conversation happening now on
the Technical Communication Professionals
(techcommpros) forum, entitled “Are you on Twitter?” which was started by Paula R. Stern (@writepoint)
from WritePoint Ltd.

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One of the most watched eSeminar recordings that I have published is “Twitter for Technical Communicators” and I continue to see more and more Technical Communicators join Twitter, which is extremely exciting considering how passionate I am about this profession and about the need for Technical Communicators to embrace the Social Media revolution.

Having said that, I have decided to compile a list of Technical Communicators on Twitter in order to highlight their work, encourage others to join Twitter, and to follow each other.

I will start with the Twitterers who have listed their usernames on the techcommpros thread. If you want to add yourself to this list, please leave a message below, including your Full Name and Full Twitter URL address and I will be happy to add you to it. For those just getting started, I have a running list of Twitter best practices HERE.


Paula R. Stern
Sue Heim
RJ Jacquez (that’s me)
Mike Starr
David Farbey
Bill Swallow
Arroxane Eber
Susan Modlin
Mike McCallister
Michael O’Neill

Jack DeLand
Susan W Gallagher
Gordon McLean
Laura Lemay
Carol Anne Wall
Alan Houser
Linda Urban
Nandini Gupta
Ed Marsh
Michael Opsteegh
Samartha Vashishtha
Mark Tamblyn
John Ellam
Mathew Cherian
Ben Minson
Rachel Peters
Peggy Harvey
Maureen Rakel

Ed Martino
Donna Weaver
Colum McAndrew

Shoshana Kleiman

Rachel Houghton
Sujith Kumar Mallath
Linda Furlet
Susan Modlin
Rhonda Bracey
Jan Wright
Kath Bowman

Richard Mateosian
Mousumi Rao
Guy K. Haas
Walter Hanig
Matt Sullivan
Rahul Prabhakar
Peter Grainge
Beth Agnew

Dianne Volek
John Daigle
Christie Fidura
Donald Hines
Rick Stone
Anne Gentle
Nick Tompkins
Ellis Pratt
Steve Lagreca
Al Hood
Aaron Davis and Scott Nesbitt
Avi Hein
Emma Quigley
Heather Rinke

Yossi Rosoff
Jonathan Lifschitz
Alice Jane Emanuel
Yitzhak Teutsch
Tony Chung
Maya Regev
Karan Sachar
Yaakov Simon
Dave Howard
Brenda Huettner
Lance Robert
STC San Diego
Kevin Siegel
Barb Binder
Peter Gold
Heather Rinke
David Kowalsky
Sue Collins
Rebecca Moffitt
Janet Swisher
Bryan Sherman
Cheryl Landes
Simon Bate
Julio Vazquez
Vinish Garg
Theresa Cameron

Ivan Walsh

Evelyn Yoder
Amanda Caley
Prem Garudadri
Paul K. Sholar
Neeraj Jain
Kirsty Taylor

STC Pittsburgh

Robin Davidson
Ronit Goldstand

Caroline Boyle
Larry Kunz
Rich Maggiani

Ed Marshall
Diana Ost
Barbara Coleman
Paul Mueller
Char James-Tanny
Marie-Louise Flacke
Michael Withrow
Mary Forde
Christine Brouillard
Michael Hunsberger

Marlon Ceballos

Alyssa Fox
Alan J. Porter
Florence Dujardin

Elizabeth John

Kathy Holmes

Brett Johnson
Adriana Harper
Habeeb Http://
Neal Dench
Vidhyalakshmi K
Richard Pineger
Joe Welinske
Gil Vinokoor  
Laurin Marden
Hamish Blunck
Mugdha Vairagade
Tony O’Connell
Lisa Adams

Catherine Hibbard
Pooja Joshi
Reinhild Freitag

Christina Eftekhar 
Deborah Sauer
Patty Blount
Traci Pearson
Michelle Lentz
Phylise Banner
Vishal Gupta

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Adobe AIR for Technical Communicators: Recording Available

Yesterday (12/3/09) I hosted an exciting eSeminar entitled “Adobe AIR for Technical Communicators” and I would like to thank everyone who participated in the live event, and for those who weren’t able to make it, the recording is now available.  

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Here are some of the topic we covered in the session:

  • Fundamental shift in the way people experience ideas and information
  • Social Media has redefined communication
  • User-generated Content
  • The explosion of Information
  • Meeting Web 2.0 User Experiences
  • Experience Matters more than ever
  • Are we simply delivering content or Captivating Audiences?
  • The need for going beyond Tri-pane Help
  • What Makes an Experience Engaging? A.
    Compelling, Easy to Use,
    Personalized and
  • Bringing Web 2.0 into User Assistance
  • The ABCs of Adobe AIR
  • Adobe AIR Powers the Next Generation of Applications
  • Adobe AIR is the ultimate platform for Technical Documentation
  • Adobe AIR Building Blocks

I spent much of my time demonstrating some of the most compelling Adobe AIR applications and how they relate to Technical Communication. Here are links to these applications:

Finally, I also mentioned and recommended the following two books:

If you missed Adobe AIR for Technical Communicators, or want to watch it again, heres’ the recording. Please use your Adobe ID to access the recording.

TIP: I typically set my desktop resolution to 1024 x 768 for best recording results, however because I was showing apps, which require high resolution, you will notice some distortion in the demonstration part of the recording. Something you may want to try is to click the “Scroll” button at the bottom left of the Connect Pro window, which will help you zoom in closer and follow the action around the presenter’s mouse.  To the right is what the button looks like in all Connect Pro recordings.

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eSeminar Reminder: Adobe AIR 101 for Technical Communicators (12/03/09)

When: Thursday, December 3, 2009 at 9:00am Pacific Time

Registration: Click HERE to Register

Duration: 90 minutes to accommodate for questions


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Login instructions: Once you register, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, which will include a URL for you to join the Connect Pro room the day of the event. I will conduct a series of audio tests as participants begin to join.

Click here to make sure your system is properly configured to participate in this Acrobat Connect Pro event.

Audio: The audio portion for the eSeminar will be available via your computer speakers ONLY, through Voice over IP (VoIP) and thus no phone number is provided

Description: The Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) platform continues to gain momentum with more than 200+ Million installations in less than two year and on 11/17/09 Adobe announced the availability of the public beta of Adobe AIR 2.0.

On December 15, 2008, eWeek Labs selected AIR as one of the Top 10 Products of the Year. eWEEK Labs staff wrote: “The product that comes closest right now to the true vision of this next-generation Web application is Adobe AIR. Descended from Flash, AIR makes it possible to build powerful and interactive applications that have all of the benefits of both Web and desktop apps …”

In this eSeminar, you will learn the ABCs of Adobe AIR and the reasons why AIR is the ultimate platform for the next generation of Technical Documentation. We will also go over the reasons why leading companies like the New York Times, eBay and TweetDeck are building powerful applications on Adobe AIR. And finally how Adobe is using AIR to deliver cutting edge Web 2.0 Community Help for our Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 customers.

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Video: Importing vs. Linking in Adobe RoboHelp 8

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from customers is regarding the differences between Importing FrameMaker and/or Word document versus Dynamically Linking these files in Adobe RoboHelp.  

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As I often do when highlighting a particular feature in one of my Adobe apps, I have put together a short how-to video recording to illustrate the differences. The video is only 14 minutes long and can be launched by clicking HERE.

Hope you like it and thanks for watching it and for using Adobe RoboHelp!