A Growing List of Technical Communicators on Twitter

I was inspired to publish this post by a conversation happening now on
the Technical Communication Professionals
(techcommpros) forum, entitled “Are you on Twitter?” which was started by Paula R. Stern (@writepoint)
from WritePoint Ltd.

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One of the most watched eSeminar recordings that I have published is “Twitter for Technical Communicators” and I continue to see more and more Technical Communicators join Twitter, which is extremely exciting considering how passionate I am about this profession and about the need for Technical Communicators to embrace the Social Media revolution.

Having said that, I have decided to compile a list of Technical Communicators on Twitter in order to highlight their work, encourage others to join Twitter, and to follow each other.

I will start with the Twitterers who have listed their usernames on the techcommpros thread. If you want to add yourself to this list, please leave a message below, including your Full Name and Full Twitter URL address and I will be happy to add you to it. For those just getting started, I have a running list of Twitter best practices HERE.


Paula R. Stern

Sue Heim http://twitter.com/sue_sd
RJ Jacquez (that’s me) http://twitter.com/rjacquez
Mike Starr http://twitter.com/MikeStarrWriter
David Farbey http://twitter.com/dfarb
Bill Swallow http://twitter.com/techcommdood
Arroxane Eber http://twitter.com/Arroxane
Susan Modlin http://twitter.com/smodlin
Mike McCallister http://twitter.com/workingwriter
Michael O’Neill http://twitter.com/mojoneill

Jack DeLand

Susan W Gallagher http://twitter.com/susanwg
Gordon McLean http://twitter.com/onemanwrites
Laura Lemay http://twitter.com/lemay
Carol Anne Wall http://twitter.com/EmDashProf
Alan Houser http://twitter.com/arh
Linda Urban http://twitter.com/lindaurban
Nandini Gupta http://twitter.com/nandinizg
Ed Marsh http://twitter.com/edmarsh
Michael Opsteegh http://twitter.com/StubbornlyWrite
Samartha Vashishtha http://twitter.com/samarthav
Mark Tamblyn http://twitter.com/marktamblyn
John Ellam http://twitter.com/John_Ellam
Mathew Cherian http://twitter.com/mathew_cherian
Ben Minson http://twitter.com/gryphmount
Rachel Peters http://twitter.com/rachelhpeters
Peggy Harvey http://twitter.com/paharvey
Maureen Rakel http://twitter.com/HP_UX_Docs

Ed Martino

Donna Weaver http://twitter.com/ddweaver7
Colum McAndrew http://twitter.com/robocolumn

Shoshana Kleiman


Rachel Houghton

Sujith Kumar Mallath http://twitter.com/vcsujith
Linda Furlet http://twitter.com/planosoprano
Susan Modlin http://twitter.com/smodlin
Rhonda Bracey http://twitter.com/cybertext
Jan Wright http://twitter.com/windexing
Kath Bowman http://twitter.com/kathbowman

Richard Mateosian

Mousumi Rao http://twitter.com/mousumirao
Guy K. Haas http://twitter.com/swexegete
Walter Hanig http://twitter.com/walterhanig
Matt Sullivan http://twitter.com/mattrsullivan
Rahul Prabhakar http://twitter.com/rahulprabhakar
Peter Grainge http://twitter.com/petergrainge
Beth Agnew http://www.twitter.com/professorsan

Dianne Volek

John Daigle http://twitter.com/hypertexas
Christie Fidura http://twitter.com/cfidurauk
Donald Hines http://twitter.com/hineswriter
Rick Stone  http://twitter.com/captiv8r
Rajshree http://twitter.com/techwritinglabs
Anne Gentle http://twitter.com/annegentle
Nick Tompkins www.twitter.com/tompsk
Ellis Pratt www.twitter.com/ellispratt
Steve Lagreca http://twitter.com/slagreca
Al Hood http://twitter.com/ahood50
Aaron Davis and Scott Nesbitt http://www.twitter.com/dmnguys
Avi Hein http://twitter.com/avihein
Emma Quigley http://twitter.com/emquigley
Heather Rinke http://www.twitter.com/hrinke

Yossi Rosoff

Sam http://twitter.com/plaindocs
Jonathan Lifschitz http://twitter.com/buduel
Alice Jane Emanuel http://twitter.com/alicejanee
Yitzhak Teutsch  http://twitter.com/YTeutsch
Sulakshana  http://twitter.com/sulak99
Tony Chung  http://twitter.com/techcom
Maya Regev http://twitter.com/mayaregev
Karan Sachar http://twitter.com/karandeepsachar
Yaakov Simon http://twitter.com/rebyaakov
Dave Howard http://twitter.com/davHwrd
Brenda Huettner http://twitter.com/bphuettner
Lance Robert http://twitter.com/lancerobert
STC San Diego http://twitter.com/stcsandiego
Kevin Siegel http://twitter.com/iconlogic
Barb Binder http://twitter.com/barbbinder
Peter Gold http://twitter.com/protographer
Heather Rinke http://www.twitter.com/hrinke
David Kowalsky http://twitter.com/davkow
Sue Collins http://twitter.com/jewelry4sue
Rebecca Moffitt http://www.twitter.com/becs_tweets
Janet Swisher http://twitter.com/jmswisher
Bryan Sherman http://twitter.com/bshermcincy
Raghuram http://twitter.com/pragram
Cheryl Landes http://twitter.com/landesc
Simon Bate http://www.twitter.com/simonbate
Julio Vazquez http://twitter.com/juliov27612
Vinish Garg http://twitter.com/vingar
Theresa Cameron http://twitter.com/intecommunity
Suhasini http://twitter.com/suhasini

Ivan Walsh


Evelyn Yoder

Sulakshana http://twitter.com/Sulakshana
Amanda Caley http://twitter.com/caleychameleon
Prem Garudadri http://twitter.com/techwriter09
Paul K. Sholar http://twitter.com/bkwdgreencomet
Neeraj Jain http://www.twitter.com/neerajjain8
Kirsty Taylor http://twitter.com/kirstyt

STC Pittsburgh


Robin Davidson

Ronit Goldstand http://twitter.com/rgoldstand

Caroline Boyle

Larry Kunz http://twitter.com/larry_kunz
Subhajyoti http://twitter.com/diegostrikes
Rich Maggiani http://twitter.com/richmaggiani

Ed Marshall

Diana Ost http://twitter.com/etechwriter
Barbara Coleman http://twitter.com/Angelwomyn
Paul Mueller http://twitter.com/Paul_UserAid
Char James-Tanny http://twitter.com/CharJTF
Marie-Louise Flacke http://twitter.com/Flacke
Michael Withrow http://www.twitter.com/mikeopedia
Mary Forde http://www.twitter.com/knowmatter
Christine Brouillard http://www.twitter.com/cebrouillard
Michael Hunsberger http://twitter.com/mhunsberger

Marlon Ceballos


Alyssa Fox

Alan J. Porter http://twitter.com/alanjporter
Florence Dujardin http://www.twitter.com/afdujardin

Elizabeth John


Kathy Holmes


Brett Johnson

Debbie http://twitter.com/debbiedocs
Adriana Harper http://twitter.com/gramstypewriter
Habeeb Http://www.twitter.com/d0cster
Neal Dench http://twitter.com/ndench
Vidhyalakshmi K http://www.twitter.com/VidhyalakshmiK
Richard Pineger http://twitter.com/rpineger
Joe Welinske http://twitter.com/jwelinske
Gil Vinokoor http://twitter.com/vinokoor  
Laurin Marden http://twitter.com/lmardennh
Hamish Blunck http://twitter.com/hamishblunck
Mugdha Vairagade  http://twitter.com/mugdhav
Tony O’Connell http://twitter.com/tonyoconnell
Lisa Adams http://twitter.com/lisa34play

Catherine Hibbard

Pooja Joshi http://twitter.com/poojavinish
Reinhild Freitag http://twitter.com/REFreitag

Christina Eftekhar

Deborah Sauer http://twitter.com/DeborahSauer
Patty Blount www.twitter.com/pattyblount
Traci Pearson http://twitter.com/PearsonTechComm
Michelle Lentz http://twitter.com/writetechnology
Phylise Banner http://twitter.com/Phylisebanner
Vishal Gupta http://twitter.com/vishgupt

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130 Responses to A Growing List of Technical Communicators on Twitter

  1. Nandini Gupta says:

    Thanks, RJ, for taking this initiative. I would love to follow my peers.Please add me to this list. My Twitter username is http://twitter.com/nandinizg

  2. Mark Tamblyn says:

    Hi R.J.Please add me to the listMy twitter username is http://twitter.com/marktamblynThanks Mark

  3. Great initiative, RJ. Please add me to the list as well. My Twitter username is samarthav (http://twitter.com/samarthav).Regards,Samartha

  4. RJ, Gr8 initiative! Please add me to the list. http://twitter.com/mathew_cherian

  5. Peggy Harvey says:

    RJ – Great resource, thanks for putting this together. Please add me to the list:http://twitter.com/paharvey

  6. Maureen Rakel says:

    Hi RJ – thanks so much for compiling this list! Please add me; I’m twitter.com/HP_UX_Docs

  7. Ed Martino says:

    Hi RJ,Twitter username “ermphd”

  8. Donna Weaver says:

    Thanks for starting this. Love to be part of online communities.

  9. Great resource. Please add me to the list:Colum McAndrew – @robocolumnMany thanks

  10. Great one, RJ. Please add me — @vcsujith

  11. Please add me.Rachel Houghton aka @rjhoughton

  12. Please add me to the list:Shoshana Kleiman -http://twitter.com/shoshanak

  13. Linda Furlet says:

    Please add me to the list.

  14. Rhonda says:

    Joining the party! Thanks RJ.Rhonda Bracey — http://twitter.com/cybertext

  15. Susan Modlin says:

    Me, too, please.@smodlin

  16. Beth Agnew says:

    Beth Agnewhttp://www.twitter.com/professorsan

  17. Me too!@petergrainge

  18. dj adelaide says:

    awesome list, thanks for sharing!

  19. Jan Wright says:

    Me too, please….@windexing

  20. Kath Bowman says:

    Please add me:@KathBowman

  21. Richard Mateosian says:

    My twitter ID is xrmxrm.

  22. Guy K. Haas says:

    http://twitter.com/swexegete is my twitter account for TC content.

  23. Hi RJ, congratulations on the excellent idea for a list!Matt Sullivan-http://twitter.com/mattrsullivanNow what shall your twitter hashtag be?!

  24. Mousumi Rao says:

    Hi RJ,Please add me in.Regards,Mousumi

  25. Donald Hines says:

    Please add@hineswriterthank you

  26. Anne Gentle says:

    You can get more Twittering technical communicators here: http://www.cherryleaf.com/2009/02/twittering-technical-communicators.html.http://twitter.com/annegentleAlso, will you turn this into a Twitter List? 🙂

  27. Neeraj Jain says:

    Hi RJ!My twiter id: neerajjain8Please add me.

  28. Maya Regev says:

    I would love to be on this list. Please add me as:http://twitter.com/mayaregev

  29. Dave Howard says:

    Dave Howardhttp://twitter.com/davHwrdAdobe TCS2 user, instructional designer, technical trainer, performance support evangelist.

  30. John Daigle says:

    Hey RJ. I’m @hypertexas. And thanks for introducing me to TweetDeck, the AIR-based essential app for keeping up with my tweeps!

  31. Yaakov Simon says:

    Wow, great job. Please add me too – http://twitter.com/rebyaakov

  32. Tony Chung says:

    Hi RJ,Still waiting for my copy of TC2 LOL. You can tweet me at:http://twitter.com/techcomCheers,-Tony

  33. Prem Garudadri says:

    Hi RJ,Please add me. Twitter id, techwriter_09Regards,Prem

  34. Sulakshana says:

    Please add me..my Twitter Id is sulak77

  35. Sulakshana says:

    I gave the wrong twitter ID. this is the right one. Please add me.http://twitter.com/sulak99.

  36. Yitzhak Teutsch says:

    Please add me:Name: Yitzhak TeutschTwitter account: http://twitter.com/YTeutschThank you!

  37. Hi RJ,Thanks for the invitation. Please add me to the list. My Twitter ID: intecommunityRegards,Theresa

  38. Emma Quigley says:

    Great idea!Please add me to this list!

  39. Great initiative for tech comm professionals!http://twitter.com/alicejaneePlease add me to the list.

  40. Suhasini says:

    I would like to be a member. 🙂

  41. Please add me: @hrinkeThanks!

  42. My twitter ID is buduel.Thank you

  43. Ivan Walsh says:

    Hi RJ,If you can add more as well please.@ivanwalshThanksIvan

  44. Yossi Rosoff says:

    If you want to add yourself to this list, please leave a message below, including your Full Name and Twitter username and I will be happy to add you to it.===========================Yossi RosoffTwitter Username: http://twitter.com/YossRosoff

  45. Evelyn Yoder says:

    Great post, now we all need to have a Google Wave group. I’m in also, thanks!Evelyn Yoder@appsWhisperer

  46. Christie Fidura says:

    Hi RJ,Please add my Twitter account to your list:twitter.com/cfidurauk

  47. Al Hood says:

    Please add me to the list.Thanks

  48. Aaron Davis and Scott Nesbitt (DMN Communications) – http://www.twitter.com/dmnguys

  49. Amanda Caley says:

    Please add me to the list. Thanks,Amanda

  50. Hi R.J.Please add me to the listMy twitter username is http://twitter.com/rgoldstand

  51. Add me please RJ! Thanks Caroline.

  52. Robin Davidsontwitter.com/sixdegreespgh

  53. STC Pittsburghtwitter.com/stcpgh

  54. Vinish Garg says:

    Please add me to this list. Thanks for this useful list.

  55. Please add me. My twitter account is @juliov27612. Thanks.

  56. Matt has a good point, RJ – make sure to include yourself!

  57. Thanks for creating the list. Bryan Sherman, http://twitter.com/bshermcincy

  58. Hi RJ! Please add my Twitter name to the list: richmaggianiThanks.

  59. Raghuram says:

    I would be delighted to be in this list. I also own the Technical Writer Forum with 3850+ tech. writers, aspirancts and recruiters.

  60. Lance Robert says:

    Hi RJ,Could you please add me to the list (@lancerobert)? As you know, I post a lot of #techcomm info on behalf of @stcsandiego. Hope you can add that, too. Thanks!

  61. David Kowalsky says:

    RJ,Please add me to the list. Thanks!David Kowalskyhttp://twitter.com/davkow

  62. I so look forward to using this list to reach out to other communicators!

  63. Sue Collins says:

    Please add my name to the list.

  64. Ed Marshall says:

    Hi RJ,Great idea.Please add my Twitter handle to your list:EdMarshallThx,Ed

  65. Diana Ost says:

    Please add me to the list as well. Diana Ost: Twitter @etechwriter

  66. This is a great idea.Please add me: @hrinkeThanks!

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  69. Barbara Coleman says:

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  72. Thanks a lot! Merci beaucoup !

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  82. Thanks for the list! Please add me too:Brett Johnsonhttp://twitter.com/mrscripter

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  87. Hi RJ, I’d love to be on the list. Thanks for organising this.http://twitter.com/rpinegerRichard

  88. Gil Vinokoor says:

    RJ,Please add me to the list.Good idea. :)Gil(technical writer – EMC RecoverPoint – Ramat Gan, Israel)http://twitter.com/vinokoor

  89. Hi RJ,I am a technical communicator with 9 years of experience. Please add my twitter id twitter.com/mugdhav to this list.Regards

  90. Lisa Adams says:

    I’m new to this!

  91. Thank you for building this list to allow us to connect. Please add my Twitter account,@WritingTechDocs.

  92. Pooja Joshi says:

    Hi RJ,I’d love to be on this list. My twitter URL is: http://twitter.com/poojavinishCheers,Pooja

  93. Good idea! Want to follow!

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