Adobe AIR for Technical Communicators: Recording Available

Yesterday (12/3/09) I hosted an exciting eSeminar entitled “Adobe AIR for Technical Communicators” and I would like to thank everyone who participated in the live event, and for those who weren’t able to make it, the recording is now available.  

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Here are some of the topic we covered in the session:

  • Fundamental shift in the way people experience ideas and information
  • Social Media has redefined communication
  • User-generated Content
  • The explosion of Information
  • Meeting Web 2.0 User Experiences
  • Experience Matters more than ever
  • Are we simply delivering content or Captivating Audiences?
  • The need for going beyond Tri-pane Help
  • What Makes an Experience Engaging? A.
    Compelling, Easy to Use,
    Personalized and
  • Bringing Web 2.0 into User Assistance
  • The ABCs of Adobe AIR
  • Adobe AIR Powers the Next Generation of Applications
  • Adobe AIR is the ultimate platform for Technical Documentation
  • Adobe AIR Building Blocks

I spent much of my time demonstrating some of the most compelling Adobe AIR applications and how they relate to Technical Communication. Here are links to these applications:

Finally, I also mentioned and recommended the following two books:

If you missed Adobe AIR for Technical Communicators, or want to watch it again, heres’ the recording. Please use your Adobe ID to access the recording.

TIP: I typically set my desktop resolution to 1024 x 768 for best recording results, however because I was showing apps, which require high resolution, you will notice some distortion in the demonstration part of the recording. Something you may want to try is to click the “Scroll” button at the bottom left of the Connect Pro window, which will help you zoom in closer and follow the action around the presenter’s mouse.  To the right is what the button looks like in all Connect Pro recordings.

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