List of Adobe Captivate Users on Twitter

On the heels of a very successful post, A Growing List of Technical Communicators on Twitter I published and also made into a Twitter list HERE, I’m starting a similar list for connecting Adobe Captivate users who are active on Twitter.  

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In fact, one of the questions I see on Twitter from new users is “Are there any Captivate users out there?” so it’s my hope to also use this list as a resource I can point Tweeps to, who are asking these questions.

If you want to add yourself to this list, please leave a message below, including your Full Name and Full Twitter URL address and I will be happy to add you to it. For those just getting started, I have a running list of Twitter best practices HERE.


RJ Jacquez (that’s me)
Rick Zanotti
Jenise Cook
Ricardo Santos
John Daigle
Rick Stone
Michael Withrow
Lieve Weymeis
Randy DeLay
Nandini Gupta
Joe Deegan

Ole Kristensen
Brian S. Friedlander
Mark Siegrist
Michael Lund
Jana U

Aaron Chase
Richard Snow
Jan Van Belle

Steve Howard

Matthew Bibby
Mark Chrisman
Bobby Rafferty

Shoshana Kleiman
Colum McAndrew
Lesley Hamilton

Lisa Richardson

Tricia Ransom

D.B. Cupuro
Christine Brouillard
Greg Sweet
Brad Meyerhoff
Maureen Rakel

Jamie Lewis
Jason Polete

Josh Cavalier

Nicole Gagliardi
Kevin Stagg
Terri Barnes
Josh Saylor
Jen Ludwiczak

Bryan Sherman
Karen Siegel Fitting
Habeeb Http://

Wanda Simpson
Jay Russo
Wim Hooghwinkel

Doug MacLachlan
jun asis
Matt Brewer
Carl Chapman

Dave Howard
Jeff Goldman
Jason High
Kevin Siegel
Tom Adams

Volker Kunze
Knut Collin

Ken Moir
Bob Cunningham
Matt Sullivan
Tom Aylott
Veronica Herrera
Ed Martino

Brian Hayashi
Chester Stevenson
Wendy Phillips
Karl Goddard
David Knopf
Brent Arnold
Rob Bartlett
Chris Davis
Michael Abrams
Adriana Harper
Pam Coleman

Yamen Al-Haj
Dave Gibson
Tony Hartsfield
Patrick Masters
Theresa Shelton
Lena Nozizwe
Mugdha Vairagade
Brian Giambalvo
Cana Nudi
Karissa Enger
Dave Halvorson
Meredith Maples

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