Adobe Software and Avatar

In this video, hosted on Adobe TV featuring Jon Landau, Producer of “Avatar“, he describes how Adobe software was used throughout the production of the film.  

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This is a proud moment for all of us at Adobe, who work passionately on these amazing products and hopefully an inspiration to our customers, who continue to push the limits of what’s possible using our Technologies.

Here’s my favorite quote from Producer Jon Landau:

“One of the great things about what Adobe does with its Suite of products, is they give you everything you need to complete your whole process, from concept to finish”

I hope you enjoy seeing Avatar in the theater and this video, and Thank You for using our Adobe products!


8 Responses to Adobe Software and Avatar

  1. cool, i’m going to see it tonight!

  2. Luis Sosa says:

    Excelent!!! Production premium making de Post-easy

  3. Pley says:

    Realmente genial, motivo mucho a trabajar after effects y otras tecnologias

  4. Best Buy is currently running another film competition with MOFILM – winner gets to meet Jon Landau in Barcelona and guest direct for Best Buy. Really terrific opportunity for aspiring filmmakers. I hope you’ll share with your community: – or follow @mofilmbestbuy

  5. Yamen says:

    i saw the movie just because Adobe did everything in it … I ADORE ADOBE

  6. R K says:

    adobe rocks big time. Never regretted picking up adobe suite of products. Adobe staffs keep on doing what you are doing, you are changing and impacting MINDS! 😀

  7. Nevin says:

    It sounds really cool ,i am surely gonna have a look at itthanksNevinOnline E-learning Software & Script