eSeminar: Using the right tool in the Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 for the Job

Thursday, February 25, 2010 at 10am Pacific Time

Registration: Click HERE to Register

Duration: 60 minutes

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Login instructions:
Once you register, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, which will
include a URL for you to join the Connect Pro room the day of the
event. I will conduct a series of audio tests as participants begin to

Click here to make sure your system is properly configured to participate in this Acrobat Connect Pro event.

The audio portion for the eSeminar will be available via your computer
speakers ONLY, through Voice over IP (VoIP) and thus no phone number is

The Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 software includes 6
full-featured and tightly integrated applications, and the key to
getting the most out of the Suite is to use the right tool for the job.

In this eSeminar, we will cover each application and provide best
practices and examples for when to use all of the application together, in order to
single-source and multi-channel publish truly interactive Technical


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