Incorporating Interactive 3D into Documentation

Today I started my day with a presentation where I was asked to demonstrate our 3D capabilities in Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 and how 3D models could be incorporated in PDF-based Documentation and also in Help systems.  

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The positive feedback I received from the participants inspired me to post this short recording of the steps it takes to embed a SolidWorks 3D assembly in PDF via FrameMaker and in a Help systems via RoboHelp.

As always, thank you for taking the time to check out the recording and if you have any comments, leave me a message below and send me a Tweet @rjacquez.

Click HERE to watch the recording of Incorporating 3D in Technical Documentation
(duration: 00:13:50)

I typically set my desktop resolution to 1024 x 768 for best recording
results, however because I was showing apps, which require high
resolution, you will notice some distortion in the demonstration part
of the recording. Something you may want to try is to click the
“Scroll” button at the bottom left of the Connect Pro window, which
will help you zoom in closer and follow the action around the
presenter’s mouse.  To the right is what the button looks like in all
Connect Pro recordings.


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