My Top 10 Favorite Adobe Captivate Keyboard Shortcuts

have been using Adobe Captivate since it was called RoboDemo and owned by eHelp Coporation and one thing I enjoy about it, is using keyboard shortcuts
instead of the mouse whenever possible. In this recording, I’d like to
share with you my top 10 favorite keyboard shortcuts of all time.

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Click HERE to watch the recording of my top 10 favorite Adobe Captivate keyboard shortcuts
(duration: 00:33:31)

I typically set my desktop resolution to 1024 x 768 for best recording
results, however because I was showing apps, which require high
resolution, you will notice some distortion in the demonstration part
of the recording. Something you may want to try is to click the
“Scroll” button at the bottom left of the Connect Pro window, which
will help you zoom in closer and follow the action around the
presenter’s mouse.  To the right is what the button looks like in all
Connect Pro recordings.

If you have your own favorite keyboard shortcuts, please share with my readers by leaving a comment.

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11 Responses to My Top 10 Favorite Adobe Captivate Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Great preso! I am working with Tech Communicators here in Atlanta that are having some challenges with moving to the new version of RoboHelp. Are you going to have some new eSeminars for RoboHelp coming up soon?

  2. what’s your opinion regarding all of the issues currently regarding apple and html5? is flash becoming obsolete and if so is captivate going to support html5 output? cheers, locspoc

  3. Thanks! Being a shortcut freak myself, enjoyed discovering your favourites. Glad you pointed out F9 (Adv. Interaction) that seems to be rather unknown (questions on user forums). My 2 cents if you do not mind: missed Printscreen for forcing a capture while recording. Zooming with CTRL-combi: small issue for AZERTY-keyboards (not CTRL-0, but CTRL-à or something else depending on the language – do miss shortcuts of PS). Adding a couple of my favourites: SHIFT-F9 (Actions), F2 (editing Text Captions in place), SHIFT-CTRL-J/SHIFT-CTRL-Q for inserting Blank slides/Question slides and CTRL-M (merging into Background).Discovered a shortcut I never used (but will do now): CTRL-L.Thanks again.

  4. keira thrasher says:

    Thanks for this, RJ! Much appreciated. Question about Ctrl+D – does that functionally do anything different than a copy/paste (e.g., ctrl+C?ctrl+V)? Yes, quicker if pasting on the same slide – but do the properties of all the selected objects copy/paste in full and unaltered?Thanks again!!

  5. Randy DeLay says:

    As always, great info RJ! Thanks for keeping us all informed and up to date.My fav.’s using the arrow keys to move selected objects in the time line along with Shift+Arrow keys to re-size them (change duration) while I’m at it. 🙂

  6. This looks like it would be a really great presentation. I’m a long-time Frame user and lover of keyboard shortcuts. However, I can only see the first 30 seconds or so before it starts pausing frequently to buffer, and then gradually the voice and pictures get out of sync. Any chance you could make this available in another format – e.g. as a standard Flash video? Thanks.

  7. Someone helped me to discover two shortcuts that can be important p.e. for technical projects. In Text Captions if you want to create a subscript use CTRL-=; if you want to create a superscript use CTRL-SHIFT-=.

  8. popi says:

    HiI am using adobe captivate 4 for testing.. such as the quizzes. I cannot find a way to capture the results of the students. Is there a way to capture all of the results when a student submits there last question and receives the score page?

  9. RJ Jacquez says:

    Hi, thanks for stopping by and also for trying Adobe Captivate.Regarding your question, please select Quiz > Quiz Preferences and there you will find all options available for collecting quiz results submitted by students.While some of our customers have a Learning Management System (LMS) in place, with support for either SCORM or AICC, as you can see there, you can also collect results in Adobe Connect Pro, or even using email.Thanks again and I hope this information helps you.Sincerely,RJ Jacquez

  10. tibia gold says:

    Now and then I’ll stumble across a post like this and I’ll recall that there really are still interesting pages on the web. ^_^. Thanks.Tibia Gold

  11. RJ Jacquez says:

    Tibia, I appreciate your kind words, thanks.RJ