Introducing Adobe Workspaces

Today, Adobe is introducing Workspaces, a new collaboration space that lets teams inside and outside of organizations work together on projects. With Workspaces, team members can store and organize project content online, and easily share and manage team access to files – eliminating the need to continually e-mail updates.  

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Teams can create Shared Workspaces to store and share a set of files related to a project, letting distributed team members work together across times zones and firewalls, with no special file sharing software or IT involvement necessary. 

Workspaces help increase the productivity of project teams by letting members efficiently work together through central, easy-to-use Workspaces.  Users simply access an online Workspace to review and collaborate on documents. users can create one free Shared Workspace, while Premium Basic subscribers can create 20 Workspaces and Premium Plus subscribers can create an unlimited number of Workspaces.

More information on Workspaces can be found on

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3 Responses to Introducing Adobe Workspaces

  1. sesli sohbet says:

    thank you for the brief insight and article.

  2. Phil Cowcill says:

    This is a great idea. It is going to be interesting to see this in use. Looking forward to seeing all the features that will be built in to make the workflow as smooth as possible.

  3. Lieve Weymeis says:

    Already used my only free workspace to host all files I want to share with external students. Great feature, thanks a lot.