The Role of Social Media in Technical Communication: Download PDF Portfolio

I have been looking for an opportunity to share a PDF Portfolio and the opportunity just presented itself.

Recently, David Farbey posted on his blog a PDF document of the ISTC’s quarterly journal, Communicator, which has a special supplement
(sponsored by Adobe) on The role
of social media in technical communication


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Here’s an excerpt of the introduction to this special supplement:

This is the first special supplement to be published with the ISTC’s quarterly journal, Communicator. Our decision to publish it now reflects the impact that many technical communicators expect social media to have on our profession. Our thanks to Adobe Systems for its generous support and to Christie Fidura, EMEA Marketing Manager, for her help.
I should underline that we‘re looking at the professional applications for these tools. Yes, social media is often used for frivolous purposes. No, that’s not all it can do. Before you dismiss it, remember that most have us have been using e-mail groups and online forums for quite some time. What used to be called ‘new media’ is no longer new and it’s up to us to work out how we can make best use of each fresh channel that becomes available.
Here we consider social media from the perspective of how it can be incorporated into an overall information platform that integrates content from various sources and delivers it through various channels. Four articles from well-known contributors explore the potential of social media to fit into our content strategies and address some of our long-standing problems. In particular, we consider its role in communicating with our users, something that
has always been notoriously difficult for technical communicators.

While attending WritersUA in Seattle this week, I demonstrated creating PDF Portfolios in Acrobat 9 Pro and the idea resonated well with our Adobe Technical Communication Suite customers.

For a PDF Portfolio version of this supplement, click the image below and download the file from Please note that you need the free Adobe Reader 9 to view the file.

If you are interesting in learning how you can create your own PDF Portfolios like this one, leave a comment and I will publish a how-to video.