Adding Printability to Help in Adobe RoboHelp 8

One frequently asked question I get is “how do I include a printable PDF in my Help system?

There are two new features in Adobe RoboHelp 8, which make this task particularly easy, namely: 1) Master Pages and 2) Apply Master Page to all Topics.


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Essentially, Master Pages in RoboHelp enable authors to design the overall look-and-feel of topics, for example what css to use, whether or not to include a miniTOC or breadcrumbs placeholders, and in this case, include a link to a PDF document.

To illustrate the steps, I have created a “try-it” Adobe Captivate simulation. Click the image below to launch the simulation in a new window. Oh, and happy Friday!


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4 Responses to Adding Printability to Help in Adobe RoboHelp 8

  1. Ed Martino says:

    Clever use of Master pages, RJ. Good job!

  2. RJ Jacquez says:

    Ed, many thanks for commenting on this post and I’m glad you found the idea useful.Sincerely,RJ Jacquez

  3. Thanks, very welcome suggestion! Asking for print possibilities is a very frequent question, even for interactive simulations (such as created with Captivate). Coincidence: got similar question for CP today on a forum. Perhaps you have a brilliant suggestion for that usecase too?

  4. RJ Jacquez says:

    Thanks, Lieve. Let me know think about how to add printability to a Captivate course and will be back to you in a few days.RJ