Content Aware fill in Photoshop CS5 for eLearning and Technical Documents

In every new software release, there’s always that one feature that is Jaw-Dropping and everyone talks about. I think it’s safe to say that Content-Aware Fill is that feature in Adobe Photoshop CS5.  

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The new Content-Aware Fill enables you to easily remove unwanted areas from an image, by filling in the space left behind using surrounding pixels, it even matches lighting, tone and noise.

The real beauty in all of this is that you don’t have to know a whole lot about Photoshop or graphic design to be able to use it. Simply make a selection, press Shift+Delete and voila.

Having said that, I have recorded two short demonstrations on how I see this feature being used for eLearning and Technical Documentation projects.

I hope you like the new Content-Aware feature and if you think of ways in which you’ll use this feature in your own projects, please share with me sending me a Tweet @rjacquez.

Click the image below to launch the video in a new window.


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