Creating a Poster image for a Captivate simulation embedded in Acrobat 9

In case you didn’t know, you can now embed Flash-based movies in Adobe Acrobat 9 and anyone with Reader 9 can view them directly inside the PDF.

Undoubtedly, when our customers find out about this new feature, the first thing that comes to mind is embedding Adobe Captivate simulations as a way of supplementing a static PDF document and bringing it to life.


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In a future post, I’ll focus on how to embed simulations in Adobe FrameMaker during the authoring process in order to avoid any post-processing work, but for now, my focus is on customizing the poster image for an embedded Flash movie directly in Acrobat 9.

Embedding Flash content in Acrobat 9 is quite easy, you use the Flash tool from the Tasks toolbar, double-click where you want to insert the SWF, Browse for it and click OK. That’s it.

However, the purpose of the video below is to illustrate how to use one of the slides in Captivate to create a poster image for the embedded simulation, in order to make it obvious to the end user that this is a video simulation and not a simple, static screen shot.

If you are embedding Adobe Captivate simulations in your PDF document, I’d love to check it out. If you are able to share, please send me a tweet @rjacquez.

Click the image below to launch for the video in a new window.

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2 Responses to Creating a Poster image for a Captivate simulation embedded in Acrobat 9

  1. Thanks, this is really JIT! Did not explore enough, will now certainly use the ‘poster’. Students want courses also in a format they can take along when graduated (no longer access to LMS). Started creating PDF’s (and portfolio’s) for that reason. One must be conscious that functionalities linked to the HTML + JS are not working when CP-SWF is inserted in a PDF. And I’m still searching for a solution for self-assessments. Any idea?

  2. Dan Morton says:

    Nice tutorial. This could be useful. I especially liked how you included how to clean up your simulation by hiding the poster slide.