Using Photoshop Actions to create a Slideshow in Adobe Captivate

If you use Adobe Photoshop and haven’t tried using or creating actions, you are missing out. Actions are perhaps the single most powerful feature in Photoshop because they enable you to automate repetitive tasks by recording each step, and then playing back the entire process on a number of images and say look Ma, no hands.  

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In this video (00:26:08), I go over how to create an action in Photoshop and then use it to batch process a series of images for building a slideshow in Adobe Captivate. I then illustrate how to add captions to all the slides and customize the text in MS Word and finally how to add a soundtrack to the slideshow using Adobe Soundbooth. I hope you like it.

Click the image below to launch the video in a new window.

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4 Responses to Using Photoshop Actions to create a Slideshow in Adobe Captivate

  1. Phil Cowcill says:

    Very good use of Actions. I didn’t know about playing other Actions when recording. Cool.One additional thing I like to do with some of the Actions in Photoshop is add a Keystroke Command. This way I can just use a keyboard short cut to invoke an action. Saves having to open the Actions and hitting play.Love the caption import on Captivate – what a time saver. I’ll tuck this tip away for the next time I use this.

  2. Mike Eastman says:

    Captivate is new to me and it seems like a great tool. Thank you for this video, it explained things very well. There seems to be a great deal of functionality compared to other systems.I might be able to use it for my clients as I am increasing the number of online presentations that I am offering .Thanks again.

  3. Thanks again. Like Phil I did not know you insert another action while recording.Captions export/import to Word is a great timesaver, use it all the time for translations, but like this new idea. Should be emphasized more in the CP-Help than the XML-workflow.Just wondering: is the Quality setting (slides) when creating an Image Slideshow in CP automatically set to JPEG? That is not the default quality for other type of projects.

  4. Brandon says:

    Photoshop is such a photo editing software in which anything can be made look real. Moreover the articles gives good knowledge on photoshop. I like it.Force Factor