Leveraging the Acrobat.com Cloud in Adobe Captivate 5 [VIDEO]

Let me start by saying how much I love the free services of Acrobat.com, especially the 5GB of storage space for sharing large files through a simple URL link; the ability to conduct a screen sharing session with up to 3 people; Buzzword, Adobe’s collaborative WordProcessor in the Cloud, and many more services.  

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What I think is even more exciting is how Adobe teams across the company are finding creative ways of integrating Acrobat.com into their applications.

The latest showcase is what’s new in Adobe Captivate 5 as it relates to the integration with Acrobat.com.

For example, you can now upload a share a Captivate project (.CPTX) with other users via Acrobat.com, but more importantly, you can also conduct Shared Project Reviews via Acrobat.com, and perhap even more impressive is the ability to publish and track Quiz results via Acrobat.com, which means no Learning Management System (LMS) is required.

In the next few posts with videos, I will cover each of these capabilities, but before I do, I wanted to start by introducing you to Acrobat.com and provide you an overview of where most of these options are in Adobe Captivate 5.

Click the image below to launch the video in a new window.

Links to resources mentioned in Video:


tweetmeme_url = ‘http://blogs.adobe.com/rjacquez/2010/05/leveraging_the_acrobatcom_clou.html’;

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7 Responses to Leveraging the Acrobat.com Cloud in Adobe Captivate 5 [VIDEO]

  1. Ted says:

    Is this service (Acrobat.com publishing Captivate Quiz Results) available outside of USA?

  2. RJ Jacquez says:

    Hi Ted, thank you for your comment.Yes, the free services of Acrobat.com are available worldwide. Here’s the FAQ page for more info on Acrobat.com: http://www.adobe.com/acom/faq/Sincerely,RJ Jacquez

  3. Kels says:

    What kind of security is offered on adobe.com? How do you keep others from viewing your files? Also, do you comply with ITAR regulations that require the data be kept from foreign persons?

  4. RJ Jacquez says:

    Hi Kels, thank you for your comment and while I don’t know much about the ITAR regulations, I did find this useful page, which describes the various levels of security implemented in Acrobat.com.Thanks,RJ Jacquez

  5. Nicole says:

    RJ, I’m interested in the file sharing options of Adobe.com and having a problem sharing Captivate movies with my client because I work satellite and the email server will not send JAVA files. Will I be able to share these files with my client using the file sharing options of Adobe.com? This is a great option, thanks again for sharing your expertise!

  6. RJ Jacquez says:

    Hi Nicole, this is going to be possible with Adobe Captivate 5 and currently not possible with Captivate 4 and thus the issues you are having. The plan is to have CP5 available as early as July 1st, so please stay tuned.RJ

  7. Patricia Barclay says:

    RJ,I want to create aggregate tutorials and tests with Captivate for our staff members and would like to track their progress and results. Would I be able to upload the tutorials and exams to Acrobat.com allowing each staff member to create a user id and access the project without having Captivate themselves? Would all of this be a free service?Regards,Patty