Publishing, Tracking and Reporting Quiz Results in Adobe Captivate 5, no LMS required [VIDEO]

In the previous post, I started a conversation on how Adobe Captivate 5 is integrating and leveraging the free services of for sharing projects with others, as well as for publishing, reporting and tracking Quiz results without the need for a Learning Management Systems (LMS).  

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In this post, I’d like to continue the thread by share with you the fundamentals of how Adobe Captivate 5 users will be able to deliver eLearning courses and track the Quiz results through, using a free Adobe AIR application.

Furthermore, because Adobe AIR applications work on PCs, Macs and Linux boxes, to make it interesting, I used a PC with Captivate 5 to create the course and then switched to a Mac to show how to track the Quiz results.

In case you haven’t, I highly recommend that you watch the previous video on 101 for Adobe Captivate users first before yo watch this new one.

I hope you enjoy this new feature and do share with me if you are planning on using this new functionality. Please send me a Tweet @rjacquez.

Click the image below to launch the video (12min) in a new window.

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