RoboHelp content now playing on EPUB devices, including iPad and Nook [SIMULATION]

EPUB, short for electronic publication, is a free and open eBook standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and a format that Adobe RoboHelp 8 now supports.

An EPUB eBook is a digital version of a traditional printed book that has been optimized for onscreen reading. Technically speaking, the EPUB format is an XML-based format designed to enable text to reflow according to the capabilities of various eBook readers. This means that you can resize the text, change the font, or view an eBook on different screen sizes and the text will reflow to fill the available viewing area.


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There are many EPUB-enabled devices available today with support for eBooks, including the Sony Reader, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, Motorola’s Droid, Apple’s iPhone (through apps like Stanza) and now the new iPad, which support EPUB natively.

You can see a list of additional EPUB devices here on

Adobe RoboHelp’s Scripting Language enables the publishing of EPUB

One of the new features in RoboHelp 8 is the introduction of a Scripting Language, which is the same scripting language in Photoshop and other Adobe products. This Scripting Language enables us to respond to emerging trends, such as EPUB, without having to wait until a new major release of RoboHelp before we provide functionality.

Ankur Jain, our RoboHelp Product Manager, has published a post on the steps for generating EPUP in RoboHelp, and has also included the free script.

If you are attending the annual STC conference here in Dallas, TX, stop by our Adobe booth, or attend one of our sessions where we will be demonstrating our new EPUB support using various EPUB-enabled devices.

Below is an Adobe Captivate Simulation to illustrate what is like to generate EPUB from RoboHelp and what the experience is like reading it on the iPad.

Click the image below to launch the simulation in a new window.


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