Roundtripping Photoshop CS5 in Adobe Captivate 5 [VIDEO]

Hands down my favorite ‘integration’ feature in the new Adobe eLearning Suite 2 is the tight integration between Adobe Captivate 5 and Photoshop CS5. This functionality enables one to roundtrip native Photoshop (.PSD) files in Captivate 5 without having to re-import each time one changes the Photoshop file.  

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To illustrate this functionality, I recorded a short video, which you can watch in a new window by clicking the image below.

Also, when Photoshop CS5 was announced, I posted this video on some ideas for how the new content-aware fill feature in Photoshop CS5 can be used in Technical Documents and eLearning projects:

Enjoy these videos and let me know how you use Photoshop and Captivate together.


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