6 Reason to be excited about Adobe Community Help in CS5 and how to build a Similar Experience

The new Adobe Community Help (ACH) in Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5) is the kind of revolution we need in User Assistance (aka Online Help) because it’s based on everything that is important and trending in today’s Web 2.0 world.

Below are 6 reasons why I’m excited about what Adobe Community Help brings to our CS5 users and also to the Help community in general.

I’m getting lots of inquiries from customers who want to deliver a similar Help experience to their users. If you are interested, I recorded a video on how to use Adobe RoboHelp to create and deliver a similar Help experience. Click HERE for more information.

  1. ACH is built entirely on Search. Many applications even include Search fields, which invoke Adobe Community Help automatically and display search results.

  1. ACH is a powerful showcase of User-generated content. It brings together relevant information from an entire ecosystem of knowledgeable users of the CS5 products, including Bloggers and Adobe TV.

  1. ACH is a Community platform for everyone to get involved through the ability to suggest useful links, provide a tip or comment, a correction on a Help topic, as well as Rate a topic.

  1. ACH is built using the latest Rich Internet Application tools. Adobe Community Help is build on Adobe AIR, which means that it’s cross-platform giving our users a singular experience across Windows and Mac.

  1. Adobe Community Help provides Online and Offline synchronization of content. Unlike the Help in CS4, which only provided Help when you were connected to the Internet, Adobe Community Help provides Help whether you are connected or not. When you are connected, the Help always checks for the latest information and provides a way for you to sync up the two versions.

  1. ACH also provides an in-Topic Search feature for search through long Help Topic. Press Ctrl + F to access it.

Thanks for visting the Blog and again if you want to learn more about how you can build a similar experience without any coding, click HERE. 


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