How CAREstream Health uses Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 [Success Story]

I always love hearing how our customers use the products that I’m passionate about, and this week we published a great success story on how CAREstream Health, a Canadian distributor of medical equipment, uses the tools in Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 (TCS2) to steamline its technical documentation process.

There are three things in particular that stood out to me when I read the final version of this success story that I would like to share through excerpts from the article, namely:

  1. CAREstream Health’s productivity has increased tenfold since using the PDF Review capabilities in TCS2

The Challenge

“In the past, managing and producing such a large volume of technical content—an essential part of CAREstream’s business model—was a time-consuming and restrictive process. The documentation review cycle was lengthy and disjointed, with multiple contributors editing and merging disparate file types. Also, there wasn’t an easy way to reuse content components.”

The Solution

“Instead of grappling with numerous, disparate documents, the
CAREstream team sends out a single PDF file—generated in Adobe FrameMaker—for review. Each recipient submits comments on the document, which are then merged into one, consolidated file. From there, editors can choose to accept or reject the revisions.”

“Our productivity has increased tenfold since we began using the PDF review capability alone. Implementing a new system using Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 is a huge, revolutionary advance for technical communicators,” says El-Damaa.”

Click HERE for a video on how to conduct these type of PDF-based Reviews.

  1. CAREstream Health migrated to a DITA-based solution via Adobe FrameMaker and the Linked2 solution for Documentum

The Challenge

“CAREstream needed an integrated technical publishing system that would allow remote teams to easily create, convert, consolidate, and publish all of its time-sensitive technical documents in an application-independent format. The ideal technology would have to integrate with the company’s legacy Documentum content management system (CMS) as well as support an upgrade of that package, and allow writers and editors to migrate off word processing software and work in their favorite editor, Adobe FrameMaker®.”

“The solution would need to enable standardization on the application-independent format of XML, and leverage the industry-standard Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA)/XML structure. All documents would have to be easily translated for localization, and be available for output to multiple formats.”

The Solution

“Linked2 appears as a menu item on the FrameMaker screen, featuring simple choices such as Check-in, Check-out, Cancel Check-out, Search, and Make Reusable Object. “Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2 is a winning technological combination that places a strong emphasis on integration,” says El-Damaa.”

“One of the main reasons CAREstream wanted to go to a DITA and XML structure was because of its powerful reuse capabilities. “With our new solution, all we have to do is right click on any content in a FrameMaker document and select ‘make reusable’,” says El-Damaa. “The selected text is automatically updated for repurposing. It is an incredibly simple and efficient process that has greatly accelerated our workflow.”

  1. CAREstream Health wanted tools capable of combining text and rich media for a better end-user experience

“El-Damaa adds that a key reason CAREstream opted for an Adobe solution is that it provides a good user experience and requires minimal training. Adobe Technical Communication Suite 2, he explains, was the only solution that provided tools to easily combine text and graphics for staff to rapidly produce professional, image-rich materials.”

“Now, CAREstream customers receive highly polished, interactive
documents that serve a wide range of needs, adding value to the transaction with improved service, and helping the organization build a loyal customer base. As an added cost savings, there has been a drop in the number of incoming customer service calls because product documentation is much improved.”

Click HERE to read the full story.


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