Take this Adobe Captivate 5 Quiz and Publish the results to Acrobat.com

Since we announced Adobe Captivate 5, I have been blogging and posting video on various new features in the new version, and one of the videos, which has garnered the most interest and views to date is, Publishing, Tracking and Reporting Quiz Results in Adobe Captivate 5, no LMS required [VIDEO].

Many people have asked me since then what the experience will be like for Learners taking Captivate eLearning courses, which have this Acrobat.com functionality enabled.

Today I created a short Quiz and published it to my Blog, in order to enable you to test exactly what the experience will be like for your learners.

Here’s what you need to take the Quiz and publish the results to Acrobat.com:

  1. You need to have an Acrobat.com ID and password, which is completely free. This will serve to identify each learner. This is the same ID (email) and password you use to download an Adobe trial, or to participate in an eSeminar, or to sign in to Acrobat.com and Photoshop.com, etc.
  2. Complete all 6 Questions.
  3. Click the “Post Results” button at the end of the Quiz.
  4. When prompted, enter your Adobe ID and Password. This is completely safe and even I will not see or have access to this information. If you don’t have an Adobe ID and password, click the “Create Adobe ID” link to create an account.
  5. Click Sign In after entering your Adobe ID and Password. During this step, Acrobat.com will authenticate you.
  6. The final step is to click the “Send” button.

As illustrated in the video I posted on this topic, I will then use my own Acrobat.com ID and password, along with the included Adobe Captivate 5 Quiz Results Analyzer to generate a report.


Click HERE to launch the Quiz in a new window.