Using the Windows Snipping Tool with Adobe Captivate [SIMULATION]

There’s a lively discussion happening now internally by members of the Adobe Captivate 5 prerelease program on the topic of whether Adobe Captivate should include a¬†screen capturing tool.

The idea is that often times you need to supplement your Adobe Captivate projects with a simple screen shot of a dialog box, or a rectangular snapshot of an area of the screen, so I’m somewhat in agreement with this argument, especially if you don’t already have a dedicated screen capturing tool.

Having said that, there’s a little known utility included with Windows 7 called the Snipping Tool and after I tweeted about it some time ago, one of my followers pointed out that it was also included with Windows Vista, so my take is why not use it.

If you haven’t discovered this utility, you are not alone, most people haven’t either. Here’s a simple Adobe Captivate simulation, which show where to find this utility and how to use it with Adobe Captivate. The simulation shows Windows 7 and Adobe Captivate 5 but the overall steps also apply to Windows Vista and Adobe Captivate 4.

Click the play button to begin the simulation: