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I have moved my Blog to

You may have noticed that your favorite Adobe Blogs are now sporting a new look and this is because we have finally migrated over to the popular blogging platform, WordPress.

With a strong ecosystem around WordPress, this is exciting news because there are so many more themes, widgets, plug-ins and overall community support available.

The more I learn about WordPress, the more I like it, and the more I want to tweak the various settings for a personalized experience. Since Adobe migrated my Blog, I have done quite a bit of research on WordPress, asked questions on Twitter, and watched quite a few video tutorials on YouTube.

One thing has become quite clear in all of this, namely, if I want total control of my Blog (i.e. super-admin rights), I really needed to host my WordPress Blog on my own domain and thus I have decided to launch:

The move has been exciting and no doubt a learning experience, but one I highly recommend if you are serious about Blogging, and frankly you should be. And although I didn’t take copious notes of the entire process, I have posted an at-a-glance list of what it took me to launch this WordPress Blog on my own domain.

I hope you follow me along as I continue to share my experiences as an Adobe Product Evangelist.

Say Hello to Adobe Captivate 5 and eLearning Suite 2: Now for Mac, too [VIDEO]

For weeks now, I have been hinting in my Tweets that new versions of Adobe Captivate and Adobe eLearning Suite were coming soon and that the new versions would introduce amazing new features.

Today, it is my pleasure to introduce Adobe Captivate 5 and Adobe eLearning Suite 2 for Windows, and now also for Mac!


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There’s so much new functionality to Blog and Tweet about in these new versions of the products that it would be virtually impossible to effectively share everything in a single post, or a single video.

Instead, I will share short posts every other day and include a video, in an effort to highlight my favorite new features and get you ready to tackle these new versions, when the trial downloads become available in a few weeks.

The first video I want to share with you is an overview of the brand new user interface (UI) in Adobe Captivate 5, and the benefits it brings to our existing users. In fact, Captivate has been re-written from the ground up in order to reuse the same code across both platforms.

The new user interface in Adobe Captivate 5 looks and works the same way on Mac as it does on Windows. Also, with this new UI, Captivate now works like other Adobe products, for example Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and FrameMaker, which means that you should be able to comfortably go from any of these applications to the next without missing a beat.

Click the image below to launch the video in a new window.

Adobe Captivate 5 User Interface Video

Additional Resources:

More Adobe Captivate 5 videos:

Will share more videos of my favorite new features in the next couple of


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The wait is over. Adobe Creative Suite 5 is available Now!

I’m happy to share that today, Adobe Creative Suite 5 is available for direct purchase and trial on, in English only. French and German will be available on 5/6, and all other European languages on 5/10.

By all measures, the global launch has been a success for us, and we couldn’t be happier with all the rave reviews the CS5 products have received.


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Now that the product is shipping and the trials are available for download, we are looking forward to what users have to say about the new features, and I’m especially looking forward to reading about the new content-aware fill feature in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

I’m particularly excited because eventually many of these products will be in the next versions of Adobe eLearning Suite and Adobe Technical Communication Suite.

Here’s some information to help you get the most out of today’s news:

If you haven’t watched the CS5 Global Launch event, here’s the recording:

Additional Resources:

That’s it for now. Enjoy CS5 and I’m off to get ready for the next Adobe launch, stay tuned!


Introducing Adobe Workspaces

Today, Adobe is introducing Workspaces, a new collaboration space that lets teams inside and outside of organizations work together on projects. With Workspaces, team members can store and organize project content online, and easily share and manage team access to files – eliminating the need to continually e-mail updates.  

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Teams can create Shared Workspaces to store and share a set of files related to a project, letting distributed team members work together across times zones and firewalls, with no special file sharing software or IT involvement necessary. 

Workspaces help increase the productivity of project teams by letting members efficiently work together through central, easy-to-use Workspaces.  Users simply access an online Workspace to review and collaborate on documents. users can create one free Shared Workspace, while Premium Basic subscribers can create 20 Workspaces and Premium Plus subscribers can create an unlimited number of Workspaces.

More information on Workspaces can be found on

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