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A year ago, we introduced the public beta of, a set of 5 free web services, namely Adobe Buzzword, an online Word Processor for writing and collaborating on documents, anywhere, anytime; Adobe ConnectNow, which allows you to meet live over the web and share your screen with anyone; Create PDF, for converting up to 5 files to Adobe PDF online; Adobe Share, for sending files to others via a URL, for easy access while you maintain control; and My Files, for storing your files in the cloud, for easy access from anywhere.

A year later, 5 million people have signed up to use the innovative service, with approximately 100,000 people signing up each week.

Today is moving out of public Beta and into full production with two new Premium subscription services that address the intense collaboration needs of business people, enabling them to be more productive by bringing them to documents to work together in real-time, rather than sending attachments to inboxes and invitations to calendars.

Before I describe the two new Premium subscription services, I want to report that the free service will continue to offer Adobe® Buzzword® online word processing, ConnectNow Web meeting capacity for up to three participants, and online creation of up to five PDF files, plus the ability to store up to 5GB of files on My Files.

The Premium Basic service includes Adobe ConnectNow Web meeting capacity for up to five participants and online conversion of 10 uploaded documents to PDF per month. The Premium Basic subscription is available for US $14.99/month, or US $149/year.

The Premium Plus service includes ConnectNow Web meeting capacity for up to 20 participants and unlimited online creation of PDF files. The Premium Plus subscription is available for US $39/month, or US $390/year.

Until July 16, 2009, Adobe is offering US $15 off the Premium Basic annual plan, and US $50 off the Premium Plus annual plan. Initially, both subscriptions are available from the online store in North America only.

Both Premium offerings include Adobe phone and Web support programs.

Announcing the Preview release of Tables

Furthermore, we are also announcing the preview release of Tables, a spreadsheet-like application that is available immediately for free sign-up as a public beta, joining the Presentations application on Labs. Tables provides people with a new way to work with others on data-intensive documents – such as task lists, schedules, contacts, budgets and sales numbers – that are typically created and shared in spreadsheets or simple databases. People can easily work with others on the same table at the same time, without the worry of version control or e-mailing spreadsheets back and forth. Because the table lives online, people can access and work on the data from any Internet-connected computer, regardless of where they are located. Integration in eLearning Suite and Tech Comm Suite:

Having said that, we have already implemented into many Adobe applications. Here’s a short Adobe Captivate movie on how we have integrated ConnectNow into applications in both the eLearning Suite and Technical Communication Suite:

In addition to ConnectNow, FrameMaker 9 and Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, in the Technical Communication Suite, leverage for conducting PDF Shared Reviews, where Reviewers only need the free Adobe Reader 9 to provide comments. Aggregated comments can then be imported back into FrameMaker 9, all without IT resources, or dedicated expensive servers. More on this functionality in a future post. useful Resources:


5/11/09 Weekly Wrapup: @rjacquez on Twitter

By RJ Jacquez. Follow him on Twitter @rjacquez

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Twitter-Profile.jpg Two months ago, I joined Twitter
with much skepticism, and for a week or so, I decided to follow some people I admired and watched the masters at work, then I jumped in. Today I can honestly say that
Twitter’s simplicity, conciseness, and real-time approach to social communication has changed my life as an Adobe Evangelist.

Twitter has enabled me to have great conversations with my customers and in many cases answer their Adobe software questions in 140 characters or less. Throughout the day I can share useful tips and tricks about the products in my two suites, as well as answer questions pertaining to other apps.

I spend most of my days on the phone and in virtual presentations with our customers and whenever applicable, I send tweets about frequently asked questions and other useful lessons I learn from these conversations.

Twitter also allows me to share upcoming live eSeminars and useful how-to recordings, which enables our users to get the most out of our products.

And finally, I follow lots of smart people on Twitter and you’ll often see me Retweet (RT) useful information and resources, which I find beneficial to my followers.

Don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy blogging, but these are all things I could never have time to put on my blog, especially in real-time.

Having said that, if you find these tweets interesting, please consider following me @rjacquez, and I promise to make it worth your while.

Finally, I want to make the experience fun and rewarding, so I will be hosting a live Virtual Event when I reach 1,000 followers, where I will be doing a drawing and the grand prize will be a full version of one of the products (winner chooses) in my two Suites, eLearning Suite and Technical Communication Suite, for one lucky winner.  I will announce more details as I get closer to 1,000 followers.

Here’s a weekly wrapup of what happened the week of 5/11/09:

News and Announcements:

Useful Resources:

Tips & Tricks:

  • Tip: when delivering Online Presentations, use two computers, the second one for VoIP, recording, C what people see and, switching layouts.11:14 AM May 12th from TweetDeck
  • @ron_miller By default, Paste is set to OLE. Change the maker.ini file so that RTF is first for “ClipboardFormatsPriorities= RTF…” entry3:41 PM May 14th from TweetDeck in reply to ron_miller
  • As Best Practice, when sharing your screen Virtually, always set your resolution to 1024 x 768, it gives your viewers the best experience!2:55 PM May 14th from TweetDeck
  • People always ask me how to add XML data in Captivate using Flash? Check out this post by Mark Fletcher, Kudos, Mark!6:18 PM May 11th from TweetDeck
  • Personal Tip for new Twitter users, sign up, follow people you admire, sit back and learn from them, then jump in and Tweet away.2:30 PM May 14th from TweetDeck
  • Customer asked if possible to change default syntax for auto-text captions in Adobe Captivate. Yes, edit “CaptureTextTemplates_English.rdl”1:16 PM May 14th from TweetDeck

Compelling ReTweets (RTs):

Personal Observations:


FREE SDL AuthorAssistant for Adobe FrameMaker 9 users

UPDATE: Click here for the Webinar Recording.

Over the last year, we have been working with the great folks at SDL, the world leader in Global Information Management, on a partnership where our Adobe FrameMaker 9 customers would get SDL’s AuthorAssistant client absolutely free, making this yet another reason for exiting users to migrate to the latest version of FrameMaker, and for new users to join the Adobe family.

I’d like to add AuthorAssistant to the list of reasons why I would recommend users of the Technical Communication Suite 2 start in FrameMaker as their single-source authoring tool, where you do you Authoring and now Linguistic checks, create pristine Print and PDF, XML and DITA, and then use RoboHelp for everything Online Publishing, including creating Adobe AIR-based Help.

SDL AuthorAssistant for Adobe FrameMaker 9

SDL AuthorAssistant enables consistency of terminology, style and linguistic best practices, as well as ensuring the reuse of previously written and translated content.

  • SDL AuthorAssistant empowers technical authors to improve the quality of their content, ensure adherence to style guide rules and maintain consistency of terminology

  • Out-of-the-box, SDL AuthorAssistant automates many of the quality-checking processes that normally require human resources, resulting in greater productivity, higher quality and lower costs

  • SDL AuthorAssistant checks against previously translated content, so that companies with global audiences can improve content reuse and reduce the downstream costs of localizing content

  • SDL AuthorAssistant is the client software component of SDL Global Authoring Management System (SDL Global AMS) and is fully functional for desktop deployment

Webinar: Bring your Style Guide to Life and Create High-Quality Content from within Adobe FrameMaker

April 15th, 2009, at 8:00am Pacific Time, SDL and Adobe will be hosting a live Webinar where we will be demonstrating the AuthorAssistant for Adobe FrameMaker 9 functionality and we hope to see you there. Click here to register for this Webinar.

Download SDL AuthorAssistant for Adobe FrameMaker 9

Both SDL and Adobe have created the following download pages for our customers:

Hope to see you there!


RJ Jacquez now on Twitter @rjacquez

“Twitter is what happens between Blog posts.”

This is the best way I have found Twitter described.  For me a lot happens between blog posts:

  • I meet with customers using and interested in using my products
  • Speak at conferences
  • My products get updates (just twittered about FrameMaker 9.0.1)
  • I think of tips and tricks, and best practices for approaching various Workflows in my two Suites, TCS2 and eLs
  • I publish short how-to Captivate recordings
  • I learn what other Adobe teams are doing and how it applies to Technical Communication and eLearning, and more.

These are some of the things I will twitter about and I would be honored if you choose to follow me @rjacquez.


eLearning and Tech Comm Conferences where Adobe is Participating

Starting next week, various Adobe teams from our Technical Communication Suite and eLearning Suite and I will be traveling, exhibiting and speaking at the following three conferences, and we look forward to seeing you there:

WritersUA 2009

This year, WritersUA takes place March 29-April 1, in Seattle, Washington.  With the recent launch of our Technical Communication Suite version 2, we are very much looking forward to the conference and to sharing with our customers the new technology innovations in the Suite, especially around increasing your value to your employer in this difficult economy.

I’m especially excited about the Product Demonstration session I will be leading at the show, where I will be highlighting not only the new features in FrameMaker 9 (e.g. the new User Interface), RoboHelp 8, Captivate 4 and whole Tech Comm Suite 2, but also about the various Adobe Technologies, which are now integrated into the Suite. For example the ability to work together with colleagues and customers in real-time to complete projects faster using the “Share my Screen,” feature, which is now built into our products.

A hot topic in User Assistance, which is what this conference is about, is Adobe AIR, which on December 15, 2008, eWeek Labs selected as one of the Top 10 Products of the Year.  eWEEK Labs staff write:

“The product that comes closest right now to the true vision of this next-generation Web application is Adobe AIR. Descended from Flash, AIR makes it possible to build powerful and interactive applications that have all of the benefits of both Web and desktop apps …”

During our Adobe product demonstration, which will take place on Tuesday, March 31 from 4:15-5:15 pm, I will be highlighting how Adobe AIR is enabling the next generation of Web 2.0 User Assistance, and how we at Adobe are using RoboHelp and Adobe AIR in the Help systems of Adobe Captivate 4, FrameMaker 9 and RoboHelp 8 to enhance the overall experience of our products and showcase just what’s possible today and how you can increase your value by introducing this innovative technology your own company.  Don’t miss it!

In addition to our booth and presentations, our products will also be represented throughout the conference by many well known speakers.  Here are just some of the sessions that I personally recommend:

·  Integration Jumpstart for Adobe Technical Communication SuiteKevin Siegel

·  Production Tips and Tricks for CaptivateKevin Siegel

·  Introduction to CaptivateMatthew Ellison

·  Quick Video Presentations with Adobe Visual CommunicatorBetsy Bruce

·  Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) and AIR HelpScott Prentice

·  Pixel Perfect: Photoshop Production TipsMichael Ninness

·  Migrating Unstructured FrameMaker Docs into DITA-compliant XMLJoe Sarnelle

·  Automating Acrobat with JavaScriptThom Parker


DocTrain West 2009

I always find Scott Able’s conferences very engaging and innovative and thus I’m always looking forward to attending and speaking.  This year’s DocTrain West will be held in beautiful Palm Springs, CA, and it takes place between March 17 – 20, 2009. 

The theme of the Documentation and Training West 2009 Conference is Moving From Unstructured to Structured Content.

I have a couple of presentations myself and will also be at the booth, so please stop by and say hello.  Here’s one of my sessions:

Adobe AIR and Adobe Captivate: Developing Web 2.0 Documentation

eWeeks Labs selected Adobe AIR as one of the top 10 Products of the Year in 2008, and Adobe announced that in less than a year after its initial release, there have more than 100 million installations of Adobe AIR.  In this session, we will explore what Adobe AIR is and why companies around the world, such as eBay, FedEx, Nickelodeon, Yahoo, and others are using AIR to build the next generation of Rich Internet Applications.

You will also see first-hand how Adobe AIR and the new Technical Communication Suite 2 can be used in your own documentation to deliver the same level of Web 2.0 experiences that Rich Internet Applications are delivering today.

Also, check out these two sessions from Tom Aldous, President of Integrated Technologies, Inc.:


Guild Annual Gathering 2009

This year’s Guild Annual Gathering is being held in Orlando, FL, March 10 – 13 and we will be there highlighting our brand new eLearning Suite, Adobe Captivate 4 and Connect Pro, so we look forward to seeing you there!

I personally will be delivering the following two presentations at the show:

  • Demonstration: Creating engaging content with Adobe Captivate and eLearning Suite — Wed, March 11, 10am
  • Tips & Tricks for Engaging Virtual Classrooms using Adobe eLearning Solutions
    Thurs, March 12, 10am

Let the travel begin!