New language in Apple’s new iPhone OS v4 SDK agreement.

We are aware of developer concern that has arisen around the language in Apple’s new iPhone OS v4 SDK agreement which affects multiple developer ecosystems, of which the Flash developer community is one.  We are still in the process of trying to understand exactly what the new language means for both Adobe and Apple customers and other developer communities that could be affected by the update to the SDK.


We will announce CS5 on Monday and believe it will be an amazing release for all the reasons we’ve discussed over the past 6 months. 


Within CS5, we’re delivering over 250 new features and capabilities which meet the increasing demands of our customers to create rich content and applications, and deploy them across all relevant PC and non-PC environments.  New CS5 features to create and deploy AIR applications across multiple mobile platforms and devices are a key part of our strategy to deliver innovation that enables content owners and developers to solve the challenges they face in reaching as wide an audience as possible. 


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